10, Jun 2024
Is India Ready To Embrace the DIY Trend?

When my first PC began to falter, I decided to undertake the ambitious task of building one myself. Despite my excitement, I harbored concerns about my limited knowledge of computer mechanics and the high cost of certain components. Countless hours were spent watching YouTube tutorials and scouring online guides. The process of selecting compatible parts while adhering to a budget proved to be a rewarding experience. Piece by piece, my new PC took shape, and the assembly phase was both the most exhilarating and nerve-wracking part of the journey. Nearly six years later, I find myself contemplating further upgrades.

This personal journey led me to rediscover the custom PC market. It became evident that, beyond the image that India is a mobile gaming market, there is a strong player base for PC gaming, challenging the prevalent notion that India is predominantly a mobile gaming market, uncovering a robust segment devoted to PC gaming.

To illustrate, the global gaming market size is projected to reach in 2024, and India’s contribution stands at USD 3.49 billion, a figure propelled by its PC gaming market alongside the well-known mobile gaming phenomenon.

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