8, Jun 2024
Is an Esports Degree Worth It?

As the esports industry continues to consolidate itself, educational institutions are keen to catch up, offering specialized degrees aimed at cultivating the next generation of gaming professionals. But not all programs are created equal. “A strong esports program should offer substantial industry connections and internship opportunities,” says Shefali Johnson, Chief of Staff at NODWIN Gaming, one of the leading esports companies in South Asia. “The association level with the stakeholders of the esports industry matters. If a program is started without actual collaborations and inputs from the industry stakeholders, it will be similar to a case of the blind leading the blind.”

Johnson’s insight strikes at the heart of a growing debate within the burgeoning field of esports education. As universities and colleges worldwide race to establish these new programs, the question arises: are they truly preparing students for the realities of the esports industry, or merely capitalizing on a trendy field without offering genuine value?

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