6, Jun 2024
Understanding Viewing Habits of Indian Gamers: Gaming and Entertainment

In a dimly lit suburban Mumbai apartment, Shounak Sengupta, a 30-year-old project manager at a technology company, sinks into his bean bag after a long day at work. The muffled sounds of the bustling city outside blend with the soft hum of the ceiling fan that offers much-needed respite in the sweltering May heat. Shounak takes a deep breath, relishing the quiet moment. Then the hum of his gaming rig fills the room, punctuated by the occasional beep of incoming game notifications. As he logs into his favorite multiplayer game of this month (Helldivers 2 in this instance), his eyes glint with anticipation as he readies to get dropped from orbit to reclaim colonized lands.

This scene, increasingly common across India, marks a significant shift in entertainment preferences. The allure of traditional television is waning, replaced by the immersive and interactive world of gaming. Shounak’s story is not unique; it mirrors the changing habits of millions of Indian gamers who are redefining how they spend their leisure time.

The gaming and digital entertainment industry in India is experiencing an unprecedented surge, transforming the landscape of content creation and consumption across the nation. As of 2023, the Indian gaming industry has reached a market size of $3.1 billion with a projection to grow at a CAGR of 20% as per estimates by venture capital firm .

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