6, Jun 2024
Mobile Games Are Approaching Unprecedented Levels of Dominance

IOC and ESIC Unite to Tackle Corruption in Esports

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have announced a collaboration to combat corruption in esports. The IOC’s Olympic Movement Unit for the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions (OM Unit PMC) will aid in developing strategies to enhance esports integrity, with ESIC providing advisory support. 

Japan Unveils Ambitious Plan to Quadruple Anime and Gaming Exports by 2033

Japan aims to expand its overseas market for anime, games, and other creative industries to 20 trillion yen ($129 billion) by 2033, quadrupling the current level, according to the government’s new . This initiative sets a broader goal to generate 50 trillion yen ($322 billion) annually by 2033 from Cool Japan-related industries, including exports of cultural content, agriculture, fashion, makeup, and inbound tourism. In 2022, overseas sales of Japan’s content creation industry reached 4.7 trillion yen ($30 billion), rivaling the export value of the country’s steel industry. The government plans to support new talent, address unfair trade practices, and combat piracy to bolster this sector.

Marcos Gaming and TWOB Sign Rosters to Compete in Made-in-India Indus Battle Royale

Pune-based SuperGaming’s Indus Inferno finale concluded successfully, marking a significant milestone for Indian esports. Team MOGGERS claimed the grand prize of ₹2.5 lakhs and the Champions trophy. Notably, Marcos Gaming and TWOB signed rosters for Indus, reflecting growing interest in the homegrown battle royale game. The event drew scouts from over ten leading esports organizations, resulting in two roster signings and ongoing discussions with other teams. 

Indian Game Detective Dotson to Debut at Future Games Show Summer Showcase

Ahmedabad-based Masala Games’ Detective Dotson has been selected for the prestigious Future Games Show Summer Showcase, making it the only made-in-India game to be featured. To mark this achievement, a new gameplay trailer will debut during the event. The showcase, a key platform for emerging game developers, will be hosted by Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2) and Britt Baron (Tifa from FFVII Rebirth and Justine from Netflix’s GLOW), with Hindi subtitles available. Detective Dotson, a mystery adventure game set in modern-day India, can now be wishlisted on .

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