4, Jun 2024
The War Against The Billion Dollar Video Game Cheats Industry

Things Are Looking Up in The War Against Anti-Cheats

AFK Gaming reached out to a cheat analyst of a popular tactical shooter who shared his insights on the state of anti-cheats. 

He stated, “AI has become a critical tool in the fight against cheating in video games. It helps us identify suspicious behavior patterns and anomalies that traditional methods might miss.” 

While he cannot comment on new technologies in development to combat cheaters, he blamed developers for the current state of foul play in video games. “Publishers often do not want to deploy sufficient resources to combat cheating in games. It is a sad state of affairs with everyone looking to milk profits from every corner. Manual reviews play a major role in combating cheaters in games and even some AAA studios that I have worked closely with simply refuse to invest enough manpower into security teams. They leave it up to third-party anti-cheats to solve all problems and call it a day.”

Despite the concerted efforts of government crackdowns on cheat makers, the ultimate responsibility for protecting games and their players rests with the developers. Jason “Thor” Hall, a game developer and hacker who has worked on anti-cheat systems for Blizzard Entertainment and Respawn Entertainment, the importance of ban waves in the past. 

He explained that ban waves every three to six months prevent cheat makers from quickly identifying and patching fixes. This strategy not only disrupts the business of cheat makers but also leads to chargebacks and negative reviews from their customers, further deterring cheating activities. These comprehensive measures underscore the critical role of game developers in protecting their games and ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.

Hurting the economics of the cheating industry is one of the most important steps that developers and publishers can take. Bungie, the studio that created Halo, won a landmark lawsuit and took home in damages. Activision-Blizzard has also taken steps against cheaters and if more publishers unite and crack down and make the cheating business nightmarish, we could see massive improvements in online gaming.

According to Riot Vanguard anti-cheat analyst Mohamed who goes by online, player trust is one of the roadblocks to effective anti-cheat measures. He stated that there is a lot of fear-mongering because of which gamers do not trust kernel-level anti-cheat programs.

Games like and have suffered high-level attacks despite not using kernel-level anti-cheats. He said, “Someone can breach Microsoft and force update every machine with malware”. 

Everything that you use can be an attack vector and he thinks that the arguments against kernel level anti-cheats are “stupid”. However, players have to exercise caution and trust the developer only if they have earned it. GamerDoc agrees that “If trust hasn’t been earned, it’s understandable, and I respect it.”

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