3, Jun 2024
Unveiling the Lives of Video Game Writers and the Esports World Cup Controversy

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2024 Smashes Viewership Records

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2024 hit a peak concurrent viewership of over 172,000 during its Wildcard phase, reflecting the game’s soaring popularity. With a prize pool of INR 2 Crores (approximately $240 thousand USD), the stakes are high. The tournament will culminate in a thrilling LAN Grand Finals in Hyderabad from June 28 to June 30, 2024. 

Embracer Boss Mulls Increasing Video Game Prices Beyond $70

Lars Wingefors, controversial CEO of Embracer Group, has hinted at raising video game prices beyond $70 due to escalating development costs and fierce market competition. In an interview with , Wingefors, who recently laid off thousands of employees and shuttered multiple studios, stated, “We’ve discussed increasing prices, especially for extensive, high-quality RPGs. The market hasn’t tested this yet.”

Team Falcons Secures Multi-Year Mobile Legends Deal Amid ESWC Announcements

Saudi Arabian esports organization Team Falcons has inked a multi-year partnership with Southeast Asian powerhouse AP.Bren, marking its entry into the Mobile Legends Bang Bang arena. , the deal includes naming rights, co-branding opportunities, and a new social media presence, leading to the rebranded MPL Philippines team, AP.Bren Falcons.

Kinetix and OVERDARE Partner to Bring Generative AI to Mobile Gaming

Generative AI startup to introduce dynamic 3D animations, or “emotes,” to mobile gamers. This integration will allow players to transform videos into interactive animations, enhancing personalization and engagement. Kinetix CEO Yassine Tahi calls it a “transformative approach to gaming,” while OVERDARE CEO Hyungchul Park believes it will boost player retention. Currently in Alpha testing in Southeast Asia, OVERDARE plans a worldwide release later this year.

Hello Kitty Set to Debut in Indian Market

Hello Kitty, the iconic Japanese character created by Yuko Shimizu, is entering the Indian market for the first time through a partnership between Sanrio and licensing agency Dream Theatre, according to . Silvia Figini, Sanrio’s COO (EMEA), highlighted the potential of the Indian market, citing its cultural alignment with kawaii culture. Plans include Hello Kitty merchandise, themed cafes, and a YouTube channel in Hindi, with Tamil and Telugu channels to follow.

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