29, Apr 2024
Cr1t- Talks About His Supportive Role and Team Dynamics at Falcons

In the 2024 competitive season, Team Falcons has undoubtedly been the strongest team, winning multiple tier one tournaments. Despite being a squad that was put together only at the start of the season, it has gelled very well to showcase top-tier gameplay. During a recent interview with Falcons, support player Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen delved into team dynamics, sharing how he is serving as a connecting layer within the team. Cr1t- explained that his calm personality enables him to be an effective supporting cast for a team with two young players – Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf and Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak – and two experienced players – Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu and Oliver “skiter” Lepko who played together at Tundra before joining Falcons.

Cr1t- shares insights into his off-game role at Falcons

In a video shared on Falcons’ Telegram channel, Cr1t- discussed how he utilizes his calm personality not just for his benefit, but also to support his team.

“I have a bit more of a supporting role where I have a lot of experience. I am also a very calm person. I like to be very mellow I guess. I like to be very grounded. I think the best way in which I can help the team is to keep people on the same level – be as grounded as possible because people do get emotional. Obviously a lot of people have opinions and stuff, I also have my own opinions but at the same time you have to understand that you cannot have six opinions about the game all the time.”

Additionally, Cr1t- highlighted how he contributes to the professional development of young talents like Malr1ne in the team, adding that this comes naturally to him now. He also talked about his role as the “middleman” within the team’s overall structure.

“And then Malr1ne, who’s like completely new, needs help in terms of integrating into the pro scene. I think I am trying to be more of a connecting person in the team and it was kinda like the same in the last two teams that I was. I think it’s just developed into that because that is just how I am as a person.

Of course Ammar and Malr1ne are young. We have an old squad in the team and a young squad. I wouldn’t say I am the connecting aspect but in a way, I am because Sney, skiter, and Aui – they come from the same team and then Ammar and Malr1ne – they are friends from before the team. They are the young part of the team. So, I am like the middleman in a way.”

Before joining Falcons, Cr1t- played in North America with largely the same group of players at Evil Geniuses and Shopify Rebellion for eight years. Despite some periods of success, bigger tournament wins were elusive.

With Falcons, Cr1t- has already won three tier one tournaments in 2024, including BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024, DreamLeague Season 22, and ESL One Birmingham 2024. In addition, the team placed second in Elite League 2024.

Next up for Cr1t- and his teammates will be PGL Wallachia Season 1, which begins on 10th May 2024.

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