29, Apr 2024
BetBoom Manager Blames Falcons for Not Shaking Hands After Win, Skiter Clarifies

As the drums of celebration for Team Falcons winning ESL One Birmingham 2024 start to fade away, a new controversy seems to be brewing. BetBoom Team’s manager, Luka “Lukawa” Nasuashvili, has taken to Telegram and alleged that the tournament champions refused to shake hands with BetBoom players after the 3-0 whitewash.

Lukawa noted that trash-talking was a part of the game but not shaking hands was straight-up clownery and a sign of disrespect to the entire BetBoom Team.

However, Oliver “skiter” Lepko from Team Falcons responded to these allegations and stated that they were instructed to lift the trophy as soon as they won and they meant no disrespect to BetBoom Team.

Controversy Strikes ESL One Birmingham 2024 Following Grand Finals Between BetBoom and Falcons

After the dominant victory of Team Faclons over BetBoom Team in a best-of-five grand finale which only lasted three matches. Players from Team Falcons allegedly did not shake hands with BetBoom Team players, which is usually the norm and a sign of good sportsmanship, directly going on to lift the trophy instead.

This act from Team Falcons has seemingly upset BetBoom’s manager as he took to Telegram and wrote that he was sad that BetBoom Team lost the grand finals against Team Falcons and that while he understood trash-talking was a part of the Dota 2 game experience, not shaking hands was “clownery”.

He further said, “Well, everyone has a choice. If you do not respect your opponent then nobody will respect you – that’s all I think.”

Many believed that the unsportsmanlike behavior by Team Falcons was due to Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Khertek’s berating insults ahead of the grand finals.

Squaring off against Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak from Falcons, he had said, “Team Falcons you can TP (Town Portal) as much as you want, but after this game do not look down in the elevator with me, okay? Also, I want to say to Team Falcons that their mid-player will not cry like a b***h after the game.”

However, these speculations and rumors were soon debunked as skiter from Team Falcons allegedly responded to Lukawa’s statement and said that things were not how Lukawa perceived them to be.

Skiter further clarifying the situation by stating, “They [Team Falcons] were immediately told by the organizers to go and lift the trophy and not to be upset. I’m a simple person, they explained it to me, so I’m explaining it to you 🙂

Hopefully, this has provided the Dota 2 community information about both sides of the coins and there is no more confusion related to it.

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