27, Apr 2024
Yatoro Sleeps Through Robbery Enroute ESL One Birmingham 2024

In a bizarre turn of events, Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk, the star carry player of Team Spirit, managed to sleep his way through a robbery while en route to ESL One Birmingham 2024. The incident has left fans amused and scratching their heads in disbelief.

This aforementioned tale was brought to light through Team Spirit’s official vlog, released on on 25th April 2024, Thursday. He had mentioned this incident in an earlier message on Telegram, where he confessed an old lady had tried to snatch his suitcase at the airport.

Yatoro Admits Sleeping His Way Through a Robbery Incident While Travelling to ESL One Birmingham 2024

Yatoro, known for his exceptional Dota 2 skills and being a two-time TI champion, revealed the eyebrow-raising tale in a candid vlog on Team Spirit’s official YouTube channel.

According to the 21-year-old, trouble first reared its head when an unknown assailant attempted to snatch his suitcase. However, Yatoro was saved by the quick intervention of his vigilant teammates, who thwarted the would-be thief’s efforts.

The real kicker? Yatoro admitted with a sheepish grin that he was completely oblivious to the commotion and even lost his phone on the airplane due to his deep slumber.

I slept all the way here. I slept on the plane, I slept at the airport,” confessed Yatoro, detailing how he had managed to remain in dreamland despite the unfolding chaos around him.

Amid the playful banter, Yatoro remained unfazed and ready to dominate on the ESL One Birmingham stage. Unfortunately, Team Spirit failed to perform at the Dota 2 tournament, witnessing an early and disappointing exit from the tournament.

Exiting with a heartbreaking 9th-10th finish from the tournament, Team Spirit players talked about the reasons behind the team’s performance.

Attributing the poor performance to reasons like, “Lack of discipline, understanding, and a real estimate of the situation,” as stated by the team’s captain, Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naydenov, who also mentioned that they were actively working to improve their gameplay.

Despite all this misfortune, Team Spirit is still standing strong as a worthy contender for one of the eight slots at the Riyadh Masters at Esports World Cup 2024.

Currently, sitting with a comfortable 5th place on the EPT Leaderboard, Team Spirit may very well become one of the eight teams to receive a direct invitation to the coveted Riyadh Masters. 

However, it is still not time to start counting chickens before the egg hatches as ESL One Birmingham 2024 is still underway and DreamLeague Season 23 is set to be the last ESL tournament before the final eight invitees for Riyadh Masters are confirmed.

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