27, Apr 2024
Quinn Talks About How Dota 2 Players Can Heal From Mental Toll of Defeats

Gaimin Gladiators has not had a great start to the competitive circuit this year. Even in the recent ESL One Birmingham 2024, the esports organization from Canada suffered a disastrous loss, placing right at the bottom.

In a post-match interview following the team’s elimination, Quinn “Quinn” Callahan, spoke about how a series of defeats, especially one that is really hard takes a mental toll on the player and how can they heal from such a situation.

Quinn Tells How Dota 2 Players Can Combat Mental Toll Caused by Defeat

Gaimin Gladiators did not perform well in ESL One Birmingham 2024, winning just one series out of the five that they played in the group stage.

As a result of this performance, Gaimin Gladiators finished at the bottom of Group B and were eliminated from the tournament, delivering their worst result of the year thus far.

Sharing his thoughts on having lost the tournament, Quinn during a post-match interview shared how such a defeat affects not only him but every professional player, “Yeah, I think losses tend to affect me a decent amount. I mean, they affect a lot of Dota 2 players to varying degrees depending on different factors. But you know, you spend a lot of time and energy playing this game, it’s your job, it’s your hobby, it’s your passion, it fills a lot of roles in your life, it’s where your friends are, so whenever it tanks then that will inevitably affect your self-worth in some way.”

Having said that, Quinn concluded that it for sure hurts him more than one would expect from an outside perspective, however, at the end of the day everything heals with time!

“At the end of the day, time heals all wounds and it’s fine eventually. So you kind of just have to understand we’ve all been through this rodeo and lost enough times, me especially being from NA (North America). You know you’re going to lose games and it is going to suck but everything heals with time that is just how things work. So you just play and hope that eventually someday you get to win again,” says Quinn, offering some advice to all Dota 2 professionals competing in the scene who share similar experiences.

This was a reflection of Quinn’s state of mind following the lull that has befallen Gaimin Gladitors but it was good to notice a positive note at the end of his explanation, which goes to show the hope he still holds with the current lineup.

Gaimin Galdiators currently hold the 4th position on the ESL Pro Tour Leaderboard with 6210 Points to their name and will be seen in action next at DreamLeague Season 23 which is scheduled to run from 20th to 26th May 2024.

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