25, Apr 2024
Miposhka Reveals Reason for Team Spirit’s Elimination

Following Team Spirit’s defeat in the tiebreakers which resulted in elimination from ESL One Birmingham 2024, Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naydenov, captain of the team took to social media and candidly discussed the factors that led to the team’s elimination from the tournament.

Citing drafting issues and mistakes as key contributors of the outcome, in a video posted on the club’s official Telegram channel, Miposhka acknowledged the team’s shortcomings, admitting that the series went bad and the team did not play to its full potential.

However, he emphasized that the team was actively working on its shortcomings and was improving on their issues.

Miposhka Highlights the Reasons for Team Spirit’s Poor Performance at ESL One Birmingham 2024

Team Spirit’s captain and support, Miposhka, recently took to Telegram and candidly talked about Team Spirit’s reason behind its poor performance at ESL One Birmingham 2024.

The former world champions failed to win a single series in the group stage of the tournament and had five consecutive draws, going into a four-way tiebreaker to qualify for the playoffs.

Unfortunately, this proved to be a Herculean task for Team Spirit, who were unable to win a single tiebreaker match, losing back-to-back deciders against Tundra Esports, Xtreme Gaming, and HEROIC.

This ultimately resulted in Team Spirit’s untimely exit from the tournament which was a major upset for their fans.

Speaking in a video uploaded on the platform, Miposhka said “Actually, I noticed that this whole series went very bad. We played very badly today. I think there were too many emotions. Lack of discipline, understanding, and a real estimate of the situation. We really dropped our form.”

Despite the setbacks, Miposhka emphasized the team’s resilience, highlighting their efforts to bounce back from difficult moments.

Reflecting on their performance, he remarked, “We played poorly for the first match; we made mistakes while drafting. Our picks in game two were better than before but we still missed several opportunities. However, it is a good thing that we managed to bounce back.

In another video shared on the team’s official Telegram channel, he conveyed, “So, unfortunately for us, but I’m telling you. We’re leaving Birmingham. It’s sad, of course; each is disappointed in his own way – the guys want to leave as soon as possible, and I understand them.”

Despite the disappointment outcome, Miposhka remained optimistic about the team’s future performances, expressing confidence in their ability to excel in upcoming challenges.

He reassured fans, “Well, everything is normal here. Is it the first time we lost? We’ll practice, and prepare for the following tournaments. Let’s see if there will be a new patch or not. I think even on this patch if it stays we can still show our good game. It just wasn’t our day at all. Keep rooting guys thank you.”

Note: All Transcription and Translation via Hawk.live

Team Spirit concluded the group stage with a 5-5 record and exited the tournament with a 9th-10th finish, facing tough competition throughout. Miposhka addressed the fans directly, acknowledging their disappointment but urging them not to lose hope. 

Although Team Spirit received the short end of the stick and exited the tournament earlier than anticipated, the tournament is still not over. Eight remaining teams are currently competing for the title and the lion’s share of the EPT Points.

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