24, Apr 2024
iNSaNiA Explains Reason Behind High Number of Draws at ESL One Birmingham 2024

The ESL One Birmingham 2024 Group Stages are currently underway and the Dota 2 community has noticed an abnormally high number of series draws between the competing teams. 

With over 15 draws out of the 24 series played in the first two days of the tournament, the final results of the group stage has been a mystery.

During a post game interview at ESL One Birmingham 2024, Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi from Team Liquid, provided insight into the matter.

He attributed it to teams still searching for the dominant meta or strategy in the current Dota 2 landscape and remarked that he was optimistic that teams would find a new strategy or develop one of their own very soon.

iNSaNiA Reveals Reason Behind Unusually HIgh Match Draw Rate at ESL One Birmingham 2024

In a post-match interview after a series draw against Talon Esports, Team Liquid’s iNSaNiA commented on the prevalence of drawn matches, stating, “Usually if there are so many draws it means no one has figured out what’s unequivocally better in the game right now and isn’t using that to win. At present nobody seems to have such a feeling.”

The statistics from ESL One Birmingham 2024 have indeed reflected this sentiment. A total of 24 matches were played over two days at ESL One Birmingham 2024, out of which 15 ended with a 1-1 scoreline.

According to iNSaNiA, the competitive field remains open as teams experiment with different strategies and metas to gain an edge over their opponents.

He expressed confidence that teams will soon adapt and discover effective methods to kickstart a new meta of gameplay.

As the event progresses, we will likely get to see teams switching up their gameplay and tactics, showcasing innovative strategies in pursuit of success at ESL One Birmingham 2024.

The demand for a new gameplay patch has been louder than ever before as a stalemate in innovation has plagued the Dota 2 professional scene. As a result, some of the best teams are noticeably struggling.

The Dota 2 community expected the Crownfall Update to bring about a barrage of changes including, the introduction of The Ringmaster, a gameplay patch, and a bunch of new cosmetics. 

However, when the Crownfall Update was released, it was met with mixed feelings as it only included new cosmetics and a mini-event story game.  

It remains to be seen when the next gameplay patch for Dota 2 will be released to give the game a breath of fresh air and professional players the opportunity to innovate and adapt to the new gameplay patch.

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