23, Apr 2024
Malr1ne Arrives in UK, Set to Play With Team Falcons

Team Falcon’s midlaner, Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak had earlier expressed a shred of doubt about the possibility of getting his visa in time for ESL One Birmingham 2024. As a result, the team started its journey with Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan from Nigma Galaxy as a substitute player. 

However, things are looking bright for Team Falcons now that its roster is complete again. Team Falcon’s Malr1ne took to Telegram and announced that he had landed in Birmingham, United Kingdom for the tournament and would be seen in action soon.

Malr1ne Joins Team Falcons at ESL One Birmingham 2024

ESL One Birmingham 2024 is the highlight Dota 2 event of April 2024 and the first LAN tournament organized by ESL this year.

With over $1 Million in prize pool and 26,400 EPT (ESL Pro Tour) Points up for grabs, the winning team would immediately boost its odds of qualifying for the coveted Riyadh Masters at Esports World Cup 2024.

As one of the best-performing Dota 2 teams of 2024, Team Falcons has already won two tournaments and finished as runners-up of Elite League.

Going forward where the stakes will be higher, Team Falcons will be glad to have Malr1ne joining the side once again following the consecutive draws it faced against BetBoom and Shopify Rebellion on the first day.

On 23rd April 2024, Malr1ne took to Telegram and announced that he had arrived in Birmingham for the tournament.

Through the video message he conveyed, “Hello, everyone. Some things you have heard before so it’s not new to anyone. I am going to add my voice and say that I am in. See you tomorrow.

Note: Transcription and Translation via Hawk.live

Team Falcons which usually has a record of going undefeated in the group stages managed to hold on to its record as it went against BetBoom Team in the first series of the tournament.

Sumail’s aggressive style which is similar to Malr1ne’s complimented the over gameplay for Team Falcons, who managed to win its first game of the tournament. However, BetBoom was able to bounce back in the second game and evened out the series.

Moving on to the second match of the day, Team Falcons took on Shopify Rebellion which ended quite similar to their previous series, where Falcons won the first game but conceded the second game.

According to Malr1ne’s message, the Dota 2 community might witness Malr1ne in action today at ESL One Birmingham 2024 as Team Falcons is scheduled to go against G2 x iG and Team Liquid.

Stay tuned with AFK Gaming for timely updates about the scores and news related to the tournament.

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