22, Apr 2024
Yatoro Robbed, Miposhka in Crutches

Russian Dota 2 powerhouse, Team Spirit has been undergoing a series of bad luck and seems to have a voodoo cast upon it. Looking at recent events that have been unfavorable for the team, one can only think that there’s a shadow of bad luck looming over them. 

Team Spirit is considered one of the best Dota 2 teams in the world, however, it has been struggling to cope in recent tournaments.

Earlier this week, team captain Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naideno took to Telegram and announced he had injured his leg ahead of ESL One Birmingham 2024, and recently Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk shared that he was robbed on his way to ESL One Birmingham 2024.

Team Spirit Under a Cloud of Bad Luck as Miposhka Gets Injured and Yatoro Gets Robbed

In a questionable turn of events, Team Spirit has been facing one adversity after the other. Starting, Team Spirit has been unable to perform since winning The International 2023 and is struggling to generate optimal results in tournaments.

Adding salt to injury, on 18th April, team captain Miposhka took to Telegram and announced that he had injured his leg while playing football as a result of which his kneecap was dislocated.

Photos started surfacing from the airport as the team captain made his way to ESL One Birmingham 2024 in a wheelchair with his team. 

While Miposhka arrived in the United Kingdom with a broken leg, Team Spirit’s Yatoro fell victim to robbery on his way to the tournament.

Taking to Telegram, Yatoro wrote that an old lady tried to steal his suitcase and he lost his phone on the airplane he was traveling in.

However, despite all the adversaries team captain Miposhka took to Telegram and assured Team Spirit fans that he was aware of the ongoing problem with the team and was actively working to improve their situation.

Miposhka further added, “We had a practice with a psychologist, we gathered as a whole team, together, we also talked a lot, discussed some of our problems, figured out, I would say, a certain root of evil, as it seemed to me, and worked on it too.”

Having said that, Miposhka expects the team to get a good result in this tournament, if they can give their best performance. He admitted that they would have to make some adjustments during the tournament, but believes that they can do it.

His word of expecting a good result from the team will be reflected in the ongoing ESL One Birmingham 2024 as fans and followers will keep a close eye on the team.

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