22, Apr 2024
Paparazzi Reveals Clever Armlet Trick That Improves Survival Rate

Ever wondered how the enemy Huskar toggles Armlet like a God and when you try it out yourself, you find unable to the same? Well, this trick from retired Chinese Dota 2 pro-Zhang “Paparazi” Chengjun might be of great help for your future skirmishes.

During a recent live stream, Paparazzi spilled the beans on how to toggle Armlet properly. He demonstrated the trick while playing Lifestealer who was ganked by three enemy players but still managed to survive, thanks to the insane usage of Armlet.

Paparazi went into the details of his Armlet trick, revealing the hidden system behind the item slots that Dota 2 seemingly has integrated but is not common knowledge.

Paparazzi’s Tips on How to Toggle Armlet Like a God to Survive

Paparazzi recently shared tips and tricks on how to toggle Armlet of Mordiggian with his fans and followers, the results of which cannot be argued.

During one of his livestreams, Paparazzi found himself as the target of a three-man-gank from his opponents. Surprisingly despite being outnumbered and receiving high burst damage from Templar Assassin and Tusk, paired with the Damage over time from Nature’s Prophet, Paparazzi’s Lifestealer managed to walk away alive and even got assists on the kills.

Later on in the stream Paparazzi explained, that he toggles the Armlet by using these two methods.

Two-Button Method

Paparazzi said the first method was the ‘two-button method’.

What is the two-button method you ask? It’s fairly simple, Paparazzi explained that if you find yourself in a situation where you need to toggle the Armlet, press the Armlet hotkey and the magic wand (Faerie Fire works as well) hotkey together.

An important point to keep in mind is that the Armlet should always be kept in a slot before Magic Wand.

This is because there is some hidden mechanic in Dota 2 that prioritizes the first item in the item slot and then the second when both buttons are pressed together.

Breaking this mechanic down, if you want to toggle the Armlet and use this two-button method then you should first lose your bonus hp from Armlet, heal with the magic wand, and instantly go up in health using the Armlet again.

Three-Button Method

However, Paparazzi explained that this was only for lower pressure situations, and during more intense situations when you have multiple Damage over time debuffs on you, you should use the ‘three-button method’.

Similar to the two-button method, the three-button method requires you to press three buttons at once. The first button would be the Armlet hotkey, the second Magic wand hotkey, and finally the Quick-Cast hotkey for Armlet.

Players might be required to setup a button exclusively for this action because this is not something that is provided to them by default, they would have to go to game settings and set it up themselves.

This should allow the player to survive longer and treat Armlet like a God during intense situations.

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