21, Apr 2024
ESL One Birmingham 2024 Group Stage: Teams, Results, Schedule, Format, More

The ESL One Birmingham 2024 is now ready to kick off, starting on 22nd April with twelve teams vying for the mighty 1 Million dollar prize pool. Out of the twelve teams, four teams received direct invites through the EPT leaderboard while the remaining eight qualified through the regional qualifiers.

 The ESL One Birmingham 2024 is set to be the highlight tournament of April. The winner of the ESL One Birmingham 2024 will gain a massive 6,700 EPT Points along with the lion’s share of the prize pool.

The ESL One Birmingham saw a last-minute team swap as ESL claimed that 1win could not make the deadline while 1win claimed otherwise. Due to this, OG gained a spot in the tournament at the last moment. 

The tournament is only six days long and is divided into group stages and playoffs, both of which will last for three days each.

ESL One Birmingham 2024 Group Stage: All You Need to Know

The Twelve Participating Teams are:

  1. Gaimin Gladiators 

  2. BetBoom Team

  3. Xtreme Gaming

  4. Team Liquid

  1. Tundra Esports | WEU

  2. OG | WEU (Received 1win’s spot)

  3. Team Spirit | EEU

  4. Team Falcons | MENA

  5. G2 x iG | CN

  6. Talon Esports | SEA

  7. Shopify Rebellion | NA

  8. HEROIC | SA

Group Standings

Group A

Group B


  • Group Stage (22nd April-24th April 2024)

  • Two single round-robin groups of six teams each

  • All series consist of two games

  • The top two teams from each group advance to the upper bracket of playoffs

  • 3rd and 4th place teams from each group advance to the lower bracket of playoffs

  • The remaining teams are eliminated

Schedule and Results

(All times and dates mentioned in the tables are in Peruvian Time, Western European Time, Eastern European Time and Singaporean Time)

The group stage of the tournament will be held from 22nd April to 24th April with twelve series played per day for the first two days and six series played on the last day of the group stages. Only the top four teams from each table will move to the playoffs of the tournament.

22nd April

Group A

Group B

23rd April

Group A

Group B

24th April

Group A

Group B

Prize pool distribution

Based on final positions, the $1,000,000 ad EPT points will be divided among the twelve teams as follows:

  • 1st – $300,000 (6,400 EPT Points)

  • 2nd – $175,000 (4,800 EPT Points)

  • 3rd – $120,000 (4,000 EPT Points)

  • 4th – $85,000 (3,200 EPT Points)

  • 5th-6th – $57,500 (2,240 EPT Points)

  • 7th-8th – $47,500 (1,040 EPT Points)

  • 9th-10th – $30,000 (560 EPT Points)

  • 11th-12th – $25,000 (280 EPT Points)

Where to Watch

Since ESL One Birmingham 2024 will have simultaneous games running, readers can watch the games live on multiple platforms in different languages. Here are the links to watch the games:

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