20, Apr 2024
Maximum Story Rewards With Least Money Spend

The Crownfall Update just dropped and this major update has taken aback the Dota 2 community, although this update did not see a gameplay update, Valve introduced a barrage of new cosmetics and a fun event that continues the story involving Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit where the comic ended. 

Currently in Act I, the story event is a culmination of four acts that will be released promptly, the next, Act II is set to be released in mid-May.

The ongoing event promises players a barrage of rewards like voice lines, sprays, emoticons, Crownfall candy sack, MMR double down token, Crownfall store coins which can be used to acquire discounts, Crownfall treasures, and finally upon completion of Act I a mythical set for Invoker, trophy, and exclusive emoticons for completing the missions given in the act.

Additionally, by purchasing the Midgate Pathfinder Pack, players will unlock side quests and as a result, can claim more rewards.

We have carefully hand-crafted an in-depth guide about the Crownfall Story Event, expanding on ways to maximize your rewards by spending as little as possible.

Dota 2 Crownfall Event Story: Guide to Maximize Rewards in Dota 2

Act I of the ongoing story event has 53 missions, meaning plenty of potential rewards to earn as the Crownfall Event is free for all players!

However, there’s a catch, there is always a catch, 18 of these missions are locked behind a paywall and can only be accessed by purchasing the Midgate Pathfinder Pack.

Crownfall Coins Discount Store

The Midgate Pathfinder Pack starts at $14.99 USD, yikes! But don’t worry, the price can be brought down to $7.

How, you ask? It’s quite simple really – Crownfall Coins distributed around the Act in bundles of three give you a discount of $7.99 on all the cosmetics and packs released with the Crownfall update, and yes Arcanas are included in it as well.

There are fifteen Crownfall Coins available in Act I, after collecting just 10, you can purchase the Midgate Pathfinder Pack and make your way to earn 10 more coins while gaining access to exclusive rewards like Riki’s new immortal blade called Shifty’s Shortblade.

Another major reason you should consider purchasing the Midgate Pathfinder Pack is that if you want to unlock the third style for Vengeful Spirit’s Arcana you will are required to unlock and finish all sidequests.

After purchasing the Midgate Pathfinder Pack for $7, you can get three treasures, nine emoticons, twenty candy sacks, and two style unlocks for Invoker’s mythical set.

If you manage to complete all the missions in the Act, you will be left with 15 Crownfall Coins out of which you can use 10 more coins to purchase the Skywrath Mage or Vengeful Spirit Arcanas at a $7 discount.

The remaining five coins will be carried over to the next, Act II which will be released in mid-May.

In case you don’t want to buy the arcanas, you can use 10 coins to practically get the Crownfall Royal Bundle containing 30 x Candy Sacks, 1 0x Candyworks Caravan Rerolls, and 20 x MMR Double Down Tokens for free!

So that was it for discounts using Crownfall Coins but what about moving around the map, is there a faster way to do it? Technically yes – Let’s take a look.

Crownfall Token Rewards

In the Crownfall Event, you can only move around the map after you have earned the required amount of tokens for the mission, there are currently 19 different types of missions and each mission requires different tokens and some even require multiple tokens or a mix of tokens. 

How do you earn these tokens? It’s simple – Just play the hero that fits the token description.

For example: My event mission requires me to earn the jumping token to move forward, and Monkey King earns me two jumping tokens and a melee token. I can use one jumping token after I win a game with Monkey King to move forward on the map. The other tokens will be saved in the inventory and can be used later to unlock another path on the map.

Each hero has three tokens and some heroes even have two of the same tokens, if you play normal games and win you earn three tokens and if you lose you gain one of the three tokens at random but if you play turbo and win you only gain two tokens and none if you lose, therefore avoid turbo if you want to grind your way through the act.

Candy Sacks – What Are They?

If you’ve played Dota 2 long enough you should know what they are but for those who don’t – It is a store where you can trade in the candy sacks you earned throughout the map for various sets and even Arcanas!

In case you do not like the set you were offered by the shop you can re-roll, however, the re-rolls are limited and can be earned after you win games. 

It should be similar to the Diretide Candyworks, check out the video down below to learn about it in more detail.

Well, that should cover everything about Crownfall Event in Act I, if you manage to finish the map with this guide, the outcome should look something like this.

Total Money Spent to Complete the Act – $7 USD

Potential Rewards Earned –

  • 15 x Crownfall Store Coins

  • 41 x Candy Sacks

  • 3 x Crownfall Treasure 1

  • 2 x Crownfall Treasure 2

  • 23 x Emoticons, Sprays, and Loading Screens

  • 3 x Invoker Set Style Unlocks

  • 1 x Riki Immortal Blade

  • 1 x Invoker Mythical Set

That looks pretty good considering the ratio between overall investment and the total outcome. So get down to the grind and optimize your approach, using your brain to strategize not only within the game but even outside of it.

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