20, Apr 2024
Dota 2 Vengeful Spirit Arcana: How to Get, Price, Variants, Effects, More

Crownfall Update is finally here and the highlight of this highly anticipated event has to be the new pair of Arcanas released for Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit.

Both sets come with unlockable styles that can be unlocked through the ongoing story event. Skywrath Mage currently has one unlockable style and Vengeful Spirit has two unlockable styles. 

The Vengeful Spirit Arcana is currently being sold for quite a hefty price but this can be brought down using some discount tricks which is part of the ongoing event.

Dota 2 Crownfall Vengeful Spirit Arcana: Complete Details

The Vengeful Spirit Arcana is called Resurrection of Shen and consists a total of three styles, one default and two unlockable. The default version called Sovereigns of Skywrath is based on Vengeful Spirit’s time as a mortal when she had her wings.

This style of the Arcana showcases Shen’s (Vengeful Spirit) original look and comes with a barrage of custom effects and animations.

Model and Pedestal

  • Vengeful Spirit’s Arcana displays her before she was betrayed by her sister Imperia and flies with her wings to move around

Custom Animations and Effects

  • It features a full set of all-new animations and ambient effects, including custom icons and effects for Magic Missile, Wave of Terror, Vengeance Aura, and Nether Swap.

Custom Hero Assets

  • This includes a new portrait, minimap icon, and top-bar portrait.

    It also includes all-new effects for Attacks, Kills, Deaths, and Denies, plus item icons and effects for Force Staff and Aghanim’s Scepter.

  • The illusion left behind after Vengeful’s death has a noticeable darker model.

Arcana Voice Lines

  • Similar to other arcanas, Vengeful Spirit’s Arcana has an all-new voice performance and lines added to her arsenal.

Vengeful Spirit Arcana Style 1

The second style of the arcana is called Servants of Scree’Auk, it comes with electric blue-themed cosmetics for Vengeful Spirit and a cool change to the hero’s skill icons, effects, and finally changes to the hero’s animation and voice lines.

This style of the Arcana can be unlocked after the completion of Act IV’s main quest.

Vengeful Spirit Arcana Style 2

The Third style of the Arcana is called Queen Imperia and is not based on Shen, but instead her sister and throne usurper Imperia.

The design of this Arcana is entirely based on resembling Queen Imperia and requires the player to complete all the side quests and main events of all the four acts of the ongoing Crownfall Event, meaning that players would need to buy the Midgate Pathfinder Pack to acquire this style of the arcana.

Vengeful Spirit Arcana Style 3

The Vengeful Spirit Arcana starts at a base price of $35.99 USD. This is the only amount that players will be required to pay with no extra or hidden charges.

However, there is a special catch as this fixed price of $35.99 USD can be brought down by $7.99 USD, if players use 10 Crownfall Coins which can be obtained through the event itself.

This means players have a chance to get Skywrath Mage Arcana for an effective price of $26 USD.

Currently in Act I, it is a long way until the Crownfall Act IV will be released to be played and there is no official news on when Act IV might be available to the community.

However, considering that the event ends on 8th August, and the next act (Act II) is set to be released in mid-May, Act IV can be presumed to be released in mid-July.

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