19, Apr 2024
Skiter Talks About an Incident When Malr1ne Went Too Far With All Chatting

Two tier one tournament victories and a second place finish in the 2024 competitive season make Team Falcons the most successful team so far. Its two youngest players Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak and Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf have been oozing confidence not only through top-notch gameplay moves but also through aggressive all chats and tips. Falcons’ safelaner Oliver “skiter” Lepko shared his thoughts on the two players’ all chats, conveying that Malr1ne’s usual objective is to tilt the enemies with it. Nevertheless, skiter claimed Malr1ne crossed the line once during BetBoom Dacha following a game against Xtreme Gaming. After the incident, Malr1ne apologized, skiter said.

Skiter talks about Malr1ne’s all chats, narrates an incident when he crossed the line

Skiter mentioned that all chats and tips were part of ATF and Malr1ne’s gameplay and that Malr1ne’s approach to tilt the enemies is in order to get an edge, which he supports.

“There’s no reason. They just do it based on feeling. Sometimes, Malr1ne feels like he is going to all chat someone and that’s it. It doesn’t really go beyond that, you know. So, that’s why when people think there’s more to it, it is really not. He’s just trying to tilt the enemy to give us a higher chance and that’s pretty much it. It doesn’t really go further than that. And I support it.”

However, there was an incident when skiter believed Malr1ne went overboard with the all chat. The player typed a “smiley face” in the chat box after Xtreme Gaming had already GGed out of the game. As skiter pointed out, poking opponents after the game has already been won is not in line with good sportsmanship

“The only time I ever told him that I think he crossed the line is when he played at BetBoom Dacha and we won the series against Xtreme and he started all chatting him after we already won the series. That’s why I was like – you crossed the line. It only comes across as malicious because you already won the series – why would you make him feel worse? There’s no point to this.

That’s the only time I told him you are crossing the line right now, don’t do that shit anymore. He then even apologized to him that it’s not sportsmanship behavior…He apologized for the last smiley face when the GG was already written.”

Skiter mentioned that the apology was routed through Zhao “XinQ” Zixing, who replied with some kind of friendly banter, which Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu could not accurately translate.

While Xtreme found itself on the receiving end of taunting from Falcons, it made sure to give it back emphatically during the recently concluded Elite League 2024, which it won 3-1. In the final moments of the fourth game of the grand final, nearly the entire Xtreme squad returned the past pokes and taunts with pauses, tips, and comments such as ‘?’ and ‘ez.’

The two teams will next be seen at ESL One Birmingham 2024 which begins on 22nd April.

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