17, Apr 2024
RodjER Shares How Topson Changed the Way Midlane Was Played in Dota 2

Two-time TI champion and midlaner for Tundra Esports, Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen is arguably one of the best players in Dota 2. His unique approach to the game, unorthodox strategies, and hero choices, showcase an in-depth understanding of the game.

Topson is also fondly called ‘Godson’, by the Dota 2 community for his numerous accolades and strong command over Dota 2.

Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosyan, a former member of L1ga Team, during a recent Twitch stream, credited Topson for revolutionizing how the midlane was played by simply purchasing and using the ‘mid lane ward’ while also claiming that he was the first player to do so professionally.

RodjER added that this set a new standard for Dota 2 professionals and a midlane ward is now seen in almost every game as professionals picked up the massive advantage it granted. 

RodjER Praises Topson for Setting New Standards in Dota 2 Pro Scene

Talking to his fans and followers during a recent Twitch stream, RodjER showered praises for Topson. His comments highlighted the innovative tactics deployed by Topson, particularly his strategic use of wards in the midlane while playing for OG.

He recalled a specific match against Virtus.pro where Topson, playing as Riki, purchased and placed wards aggressively in the enemy jungle, significantly disrupting their opponent’s vision control.

Of course, it is important that midlaners know how to ward. Topson was the pioneer because all this began with him,” RodjER remarked during the livestream, adding that he had no idea where Topson was warding against them during the encounter between OG and VP.

RodjER emphasized the impact of Topson’s unorthodox warding strategy on his team’s gameplay at the time. He further attributed Topson’s style of play to a paradigm shift in the midlane role.

Topson’s success with OG, winning back-to-back world championships, inspired other midlane players to adopt similar aggressive and unconventional playstyles, including the strategic use of wards to gain crucial map control.

Topson’s unique approach to the game was certainly a much-needed breath of fresh air during his time of debut, he showed the Dota 2 community that with a little bit of practice, most heroes could be played in the midlane.

His tips and tricks have undoubtedly inspired thousands of Dota 2 players to copy his playstyle or start experimenting more with the game. Topson’s legacy extends beyond his achievements, shaping the broader meta and the way Dota 2 is played.

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