17, Apr 2024
Nine May Stand-in for Malr1ne of Team Falcons at ESL One Birmingham 2024

Earlier this week, Team Falcons’ mid-laner Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak via a Telegram post, he revealed he’s caught up in visa limbo, potentially missing out on ESL One Birmingham 2024. With the clock ticking down to the tournament, the anxiety levels are peaking, not just for Malr1ne but for fans and the Team Falcons alike.

The midlaner revealed that while he had applied for the visa, he had still not heard back from the officials regarding the status of his Visa and was unsure about his position.

In an intriguing twist, a person claiming to be Team Falcons’ social media manager hinted at a jaw-dropping possibility: a former TI Champion with dual citizenship of Germany and Russia might step in at the tournament. Now, any Dota 2 aficionado worth their salt knows that Leon “Nine” Kirilin, previously with Tundra Esports, fits this description perfectly.

Insider Information Suggests Nine May Stand-in for Marl1ne at Upcoming ESL One Birmingham 2024

Adding to the spice, the same source echoed Malr1ne’s earlier frustrations about the UK’s tough visa policies, subtly strengthening the case for Nine’s involvement.

The message read,There is only 1 person in Dota 🦞, who has the status of a German and Russian citizen, who will act as a substitute mid-laner for one of the teams. He is by the way Ex-champion of International, what kind of nonsense am I talking about, you say? But as it turns out, it’s very hard to get to the tournament in England🧐.

Note: Translated via DeepL.com

Decoded, the message all but names Nine as the potential stand-in for Malr1ne. Given the specific needs of the teams, despite Tundra missing an offlaner and OG short of a carry, Team Falcons emerges as the likely candidate for Nine’s mid-lane prowess.

However, this remains conjecture until confirmed. The visa issue throws a wrench into what could have been a straightforward tournament prep for Team Falcons. As it stands, neither the team nor Malr1ne has issued a formal statement regarding his visa status, leaving the situation fluid and fraught with possibilities.

As the esports community hangs on the edge of their seats, the outcome of this visa saga could very well dictate the dynamics of ESL One Birmingham 2024, showcasing once again just how unpredictable and thrilling the world of professional gaming can be. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this developing story, ready to update on whether this speculation turns into a sensational substitute scenario at ESL One.

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