16, Apr 2024
Malr1ne’s Cryptic Statement After Elite League Loss Leaves Fans Confused

Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak, midlaner for Team Falcons, shared his thoughts on the team’s performance in Elite League Dota 2 tournament in a video message to his fans and followers on Telegram.

While expressing satisfaction with their overall results, Malr1ne hinted at undisclosed personal reasons for his disappointment, promising to elaborate on them soon.

In his message, Malr1ne acknowledged the defeat to Xtreme Gaming in the grand final, conceding that their opponents deserved the victory. He commended them for their performance and sportsmanship in the tournament.

Malr1ne Reflects on Elite League Performance and Teases Future Revelations

I lost to Xtreme Gaming in the final 1:3 – deservedly so. Well done guys, they are lovely ones. The job is done, especially after we defeated them in the top grid game set. I am satisfied with the outcome,” Malr1ne stated while talking about the performance of Team Falcons at Elite League.

Despite his contentment with the team’s achievements, Malr1ne hinted at underlying personal reasons for his disappointment, promising to reveal more details soon. Assuring his subscribers of his well-being, he conveyed optimism about future tournaments and expressed determination to bounce back stronger.

Note: Transcription and Translation via Hawk.live

Team Falcons had entered Elite League as strong contenders, reaching the grand finals by dominating both, group stages and playoffs, and were initially considered clear favorites by the Dota 2 community and many analysts.

However, Xtreme Gaming’s decisive turnaround in the final match proved formidable, showcasing the level of competition at the tournament.

Team Falcons was able to take the first game of the series and it looked like it was on the verge of securing its third consecutive tournament win.

However, things soon fell apart after Xtreme Gaming bounced back in the second game and pressed on to secure three back-to-back wins, ultimately claiming the title.

Earlier, Malr1ne had pointed out that he might miss out on the upcoming ESL One Birmingham 2024 due to delay in procuring his visa.

He revealed that he was still in the process of getting his visa ready for the United Kingdom and had not heard from the officials regarding his status.

This comes at a pivotal moment for Team Falcons as it aims to finish in the top eight standing to receive a direct invite for the upcoming and much anticipated Riyadh Masters at the Esports World Cup 2024. 

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