16, Apr 2024
Leviatan Dota 2 Roster Change? Taiga Ruled Out of EPL World Series: America S10

In light of new evidence against Tommy “Taiga” Le’s controversial 322 scandals, it seems Leviatan has opted to undergo a silent Dota 2 roster change for the upcoming EPL World Series: America Season 10.

The speculations have started doing the rounds following a lineup change for Leviatan spotted on Liquipedia, where Kenny “Xepher” Deo from Indonesia seems to have occupied Taiga’s spot.

The organization or any players involved have released no official statement on the matter. Meanwhile, the community anticipates a pending announcement regarding action against Taiga by Leviatan amid heavy scrutiny faced by the 25-year-old from Norway.

Leviatan to Replace Taiga With Xepher for EPL World Series: America Season 10

In a shocking turn of events, Leviatan’s team captain Taiga will not represent his team in the upcoming EPL World Series: America Season 10.

Taiga, who has been under the radar of the Dota 2 community for alleged match-fixing and gambling involvement during his time with OG is speculated to be kicked by Leviatan in light of new evidence pointing towards his probable involvement and ties with known 322 player, Aleksandr “Sensibility” Filatov.

The reported evidence was first released to the community in a YouTube video by Morf, who is known for exposing Dota 2 players involved in match-fixing and gambling.

The evidence presented by Morf was in the form of chat screenshots, audio recordings, and bill receipts that allegedly proved Taiga’s involvement with the Dota 2 gambling mafia and known 322-player Sensibility.

Following the release of new evidence by Morf, Taiga’s former team, OG released a statement that it did everything in its power during the time of internal investigation and declared him innocent due to the lack of proof. However, in light of the new evidence, OG wrote that it stood for competitive integrity and strongly condemned Taiga’s actions and behavior.

However, since the release of such evidence against Taiga, he made no remarks or any official announcement regarding his stance on the 322 incidents nor did his organization Leviatan.

The Dota 2 community left to speculate without any official word from Taiga or Leviatan, started checking his old replays of matches during the alleged timeline of his involvement with 322. 

The Dota 2 community found a series of questionable plays made by Taiga where he was deliberately off-position and traded first-blood kills for confirmed gambling gains.

The speculations have not stopped there as Leviatan’s new roster for the upcoming tournament does not include the team captain, Taiga.

Many believe that this could be a foreboding sign that Leviatan has kicked Taiga off the roster due to his previous involvement with the 322 scandal and a formal announcement by the organization could be expected in the coming days.

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