16, Apr 2024
BOOM Esports Undergoes Roster Change Following Poor Elite League Performance

Indonesian Dota 2 organization, BOOM Esports which migrated to the South American region has undergone another major change in its roster. It has announced the departure of Mario “ILICH-“ Valdivia, who used to take care of the offlane, following a disappointing performance at the recently concluded Elite League.

This unexpected roster change comes days before the upcoming RES Regional Series: LATAM #2 and PGL Wallachia Season 1.

As of now, BOOM Esports has made no further announcement regarding the next offlane player who would be joining the team, but it will be playing with Rafael “Sacred” Jhonatan of Estar_backs as its stand-in midlaner for RES Regional Series: LATAM #2.

BOOM Esports Bids Farewell to ILICH-Following Disappointing Performance at Elite League

On 16th April 2024, BOOM Esports took to X announcing a roster update, as it bid farewell to Ilich- and made space for a new offlane player who has not been announced yet.

“As of today, we are parting ways with Mario “Ilich-“ Valdivia. Ilich has proven to be a pivotal player in his short stint here at BOOM Esports. We thank him for his services and hard work. Good luck further, Ilich!”, read the official statement by BOOM Esports.

This update officially marks BOOM’s sixth roster change since the conclusion of The International 2023.

ILICH-, who joined BOOM Esports in late December 2023, has represented the team in multiple qualifiers and tournaments since he joined. Notably helping the team finish fourth at the Games of the Future 2024.

Apart from this, he helped the team secure the sole spot for the much anticipated PGL Wallachia Season 1. BOOM Esports, however, had a disappointing run at the recently concluded Elite League where it finished with a disappointing 13th-14th standing.

On 19th April, RES Regional Series: LATAM #2 is set to kick off and interestingly BOOM Esports will be playing its former offlane player, Sacred as a stand-in.

Interestingly, Sacred’s current team Estar_backs is also playing in the tournament, and due to him representing BOOM, Estar_backs will be playing with Oscar “Oscar” Jimenez as its substitute offlaner.

Judging by BOOM’s history with its roster, the upcoming tournament may serve as a test of Sacred’s place in the team and he may rejoin the team once again just like how Jordan “SLATEM$” Vega rejoined them earlier this year.

However, this remains speculative, and BOOM Esports may field a new offlane player going forward. The organization has made no further announcement regarding any potential candidates to fill the offlane role but a decision may be expected in the coming days.

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