15, Apr 2024
Xtreme Gaming Defeats Team Falcons to Win Elite League Dota 2 Tournament

The powerhouse from China, Xtreme Gaming bagged the championship title of the first-ever Elite League Dota 2 tournament by defeating the highly favored Team Falcons on 14th April 2024, Sunday.

The intense best-of-five grand finals showdown lasted four games and witnessed both teams fighting tooth and nail for the title where Xtreme Gaming eventually beat Falcons.

Knocked down to the lower bracket by Team Falcons earlier in the playoffs, Xtreme Gaming emerged through the trenches, putting up a valiant fight to not only attain their revenge but also secure the championship.

Notably, Xtreme Gaming’s win was also a major upset for Team Falcons who were set to win their third consecutive Dota 2 tournament of 2024. 

Xtreme Gaming Hands Team Falcons Major Upset, Clinching Victory at Elite League

The first-ever Elite League recently concluded with Xtreme Gaming beating Team Falcons in a best-of-five showdown.

Falcons started the series strong with a win and it seemed like they would emerge on the top once again. However, Xtreme bounced back in the second game as Falcons were unable to stop the relentless onslaught brought upon them by Luna’s pushing powers. 

The third game of the series witnessed a similar storyline unfold as Xtreme Gaming applied heavy pressure on Falcons. On the back of some well-executed pickoffs around the map, they gave themselves an edge above their opponents.

This action-packed third game came to a conclusive win for Xtreme Gaming as Falcons was unable to hold on much longer against them and eventually conceded defeat at the 33rd-minute mark following a disastrous attempt to contest Roshan.

During the final game of the series, both teams put in their all and fought head-to-head, Xtreme to win the title and Falcons to equalize the scores.

The game started with first blood for Falcons as Andreas “Cr1t-“ Nielsen’s Hoodwink secured a kill on Ding “Dy” Cong’s Centaur.

The game was on a balanced till the 40th-minute mark, until a major blunder by Falcons at the 41st minute tipped the scale and Xtreme was able to secure the middle and bottom barracks in the 44th minute.

Now, with a substantial gold lead, Xtreme Gaming was able to outpace Team Falcons and started winning skirmishes which constantly broke out around the map.

Xtreme managed to secure mega creeps on the 53rd-minute mark after which Falcons waved the white flag with Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf calling ‘GG’. 

Interestingly, four Xtreme Gaming players were quick to fire shots against ATF’s GG call and responded with a barrage of smiley emojis and ‘?’. Guo “Xm” Hongcheng and Lin “Xxs” Jing even went as far as saying ‘ez’ and ‘gg ez’, respectively.

This response from Xtreme Gaming was largely due to ATF’s earlier remark against them during their last encounter in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals where ATF had referred to them as ‘Clowns’.

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