15, Apr 2024
Malr1ne Might Miss ESL One Birmingham 2024 Due to Visa Delay

Right after a major upset at the recently concluded Elite League, Team Falcons fans may be in for another round of disappointment as Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak could miss out on the upcoming ESL One Birmingham 2024.

The 19-year-old recently took to Telegram and warned his fans and followers that there is a possibility he might miss out on the offline Dota 2 tournament.

Malr1ne revealed that he had still not heard back from the officials regarding his visa status and expressed uncertainty about his ability to fly out to Birmingham, England.

Malr1ne Warns Fans and Followers He Might Miss ESL One Birmingham 2024

On 14th April 2024, Malr1ne who is the midlaner for Team Falcons shared a video explaining his current situation regarding his visa status for the upcoming ESL One Birmingham 2024 and things are not looking good for the young player, stating a possibility of missing the tournament.

“I’m okay and well. I am still waiting for an answer regarding my visa. Perhaps I will still come there. They should give it to me any day, but they are delaying it for no reason at all. I don’t know why — they’re hesitating. We’ll see if I can go or not. So pray for me. I think they will give me this visa,” Malr1ne conveyed to his followers.

This comes at a crucial time for Team Falcons as it currently sits third on the EPT Leaderboard and only has a few ESL tournaments to secure the necessary EPT points to make the list for Riyadh Masters.

Marlr1ne’s role in Team Falcons offers synergy amongst his other teammates and he fits into the side like the last piece of a puzzle. Therefore, they would suffer a major disadvantage without him to offer aggressive mid-lane plays. 

On another end, 1win was the first team to be replaced for the upcoming ESL One Birmingham 2024 as ESL stated that 1win did not make the deadline for visa approval and therefore the spot was given to OG.

1win claimed that their visa was ready and only needed a few extra hours to prove it to ESL but the tournament organizers remained undeterred and paid no heed to 1win’s claims.

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