13, Apr 2024
Watson Responds to Criticism Against His Unconventional Terrorblade Skill Build

Alimzhan “watson” Islambekov, the carry player for Entity Gaming, has responded to criticism regarding his Terrorblade skill build in a recent match against Azure Ray.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, Watson explained his decision behind not prioritizing Reflection against heroes like Weaver and Dragon Knight, addressing the earlier remarks made by Chinese professional Dota 2 players, Lu “Somnus” Yao and Yang “Chalice” Shenyi.

Watson defended his skill choice on Terrorblade, stating that Reflection would have had limited effectiveness against Weaver and Dragon Knight, the former having superior mobility and the latter having counter items like Manta Style and Black King Bar, lowering the overall impact of the skill.

Watson’s Responds to Recent Criticism by Somnus and Chalice Against His Skill Build on Terrorblade

Earlier this week, Chinese Dota 2 players Somnus and Chalice heavily criticized watson for only taking a single skill point in Reflection during a match against Azure Ray at Elite League. 

The Chinese players were not shy to hold their words back and even remarked that since watson plays so many pub games, his brain functions on auto-pilot and he goes for the same skill build regardless of the different game scenarios he is presented with.

Responding to such criticism, Watson highlighted his extensive experience with Terrorblade, noting that he typically adjusts his skill build based on the specific threats posed by opponents.

Usually I put more points in the first skill against Luna, someone like Morphling, Alchemist. In the rest of the cases I like taking stats more,” said watson.

Somnus and Chalice’s criticism focused on the perceived importance of Reflection against Weaver, with the skill being labeled as “Weaver’s worst nightmare”. They suggested that Watson’s decision reflected a lack of understanding of the game’s dynamics, despite his impressive MMR achievements.

Considering that the basis of the criticism was that Reflection was ignored by watson against Weaver and DK.

Watson explained, “Why didn’t I put points in Reflection against Weaver and Dragon Knight? It would do nothing against Weaver, the skill just shows you where he runs. And DK, always activated Manta Style when I used the skill on him. And later he got Black King Bar, the ability doesn’t work against it.”

Note: Transcription and Translation via escorenews.com.

Watson’s exceptional performance in the Dota 2 Leaderboard, currently holding the top rank in the Europe region and achieving a milestone of 13.5k MMR, underscores his expertise in the game.

While facing scrutiny from fellow players, watson’s approach to hero builds reflects a nuanced understanding of Terrorblade’s capabilities in competitive settings. However, at the end of it all, Entity was unable to secure the win against Azure Ray and the series concluded in a draw.

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