13, Apr 2024
Topson Talks About Performance of Tundra Esports in Elite League Dota 2 Event

Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen, the mid-laner for Tundra Esports, expressed satisfaction with his team’s performance at Elite League.

He highlighting the squad’s high-level gameplay while speaking in a at Elite League, emphasizing the competitive nature of the tournament and the quality of opposition they faced.

Tundra Esports was one of the eight teams to make it to the playoffs after going through the rigorous group stages. Despite its best attempt, Tundra was bested by PSG Quest in a best-of-three, lower-bracket encounter, resulting in their elimination from the tournament.

Topson Optimistic About Tundra’s Current Dota 2 Roster

We’re just looking pretty good right now. Obviously, for the most part, we’ve played qualifying, and those aren’t the best teams out there. At this tournament you can already judge the level, the average skillet is high here, top teams are playing. But for now, we are happy with our form,” remarked Topson, during the post-match interview at Elite League.

The 25-year-old acknowledged the challenge of accurately assessing the team’s skill level before the tournament, citing the variability in opponents during qualifiers. However, he expressed confidence in the abilities of his teammates, noting their impressive results against formidable opponents in Elite League.

In an earlier interview, Topson had remarked that it was great having young people on the team due to their energy and passion, “It’s much easier to play with younger people like, feel like I’m here just to play the games. They’re doing most of the hard work and I’m just chilling.

Despite the strong belief in his teammates and the ambition to move forward, Tundra was knocked out of Elite League on the first day of the playoffs following a 2-0 loss to PSG Quest in Lower Bracket Round 1.

Qualifying through the rigorous Swiss Stage and Round-Robin Group Stage, Tundra ended their journey in the tournament with a 7th-8th finish, taking home $30,000 USD in prize money.

Looking forward, Tundra Esports is gearing up for the upcoming ESL One Birmingham 2024, which is slated to kick off from 22nd April onwards, featuring a mighty $1,000,000 prize pool, ensuring a stake larger than any other third-party Dota 2 tournament.

It will also offer EPT points along with the standard prize money and Tundra will undoubtedly give its best shot to ensure it can win maximum EPT points to climb up the leaderboards. This will help it receive a direct invite for the highly anticipated, Riyadh Masters at Esports World Cup 2024.

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