12, Apr 2024
Dyrachyo Reflects on Gaimin Gladiators Qualifying for Elite League Playoffs

One of 2023’s biggest Dota 2 teams, Gaimin Gladiators, has been struggling to perform well so far in the 2024 competitive season. Having started their journey directly from Round Robin Stage of Elite League, the team has managed to qualify for the Playoffs.

Talking about the team’s journey so far in the Dota 2 tournament, Anton “Dyrachyo” Shkredov, shared insights on the topic in a recent interview with Cybersport.Metaratings.ru.

The 22-year-old expressed satisfaction with Gaimin Gladiator’s qualification for the final stage despite facing challenges along the way. He emphasized the importance of their performance in Elite League as valuable preparation ahead of ESL One Birmingham 2024.

Dyrachyo Shares Thoughts on Gaimin Gladiator’s Entry Into Elite League Playoffs

After making it to the playoffs of the ongoing Elite League, dyrachyo, the carry for Gaimin Gladiators, shared his thoughts regarding their qualification.

I’m glad we made the playoffs, not without problems, but overall we made it, and that’s good. It will be a good practice before the lan-tournament (ESL One Birmingham 2024). The tournament itself is good, a lot of good teams,” said dyrachyo.

In his comments, Dyrachyo also acknowledged some minor drawbacks, such as playing on a slightly older patch and the pace of matches being limited to one per day. However, he maintained an optimistic outlook, describing the overall experience as manageable and affirming the team’s adaptability.

With an optimistic outlook on Gaimin’s performance, dyrachyo and the team would be looking to restore its 2023 glory and once again climb on top of the leaderboards.

The road ahead, to the championship, is not going to be easy, with other prominent teams like Team Falcons, Team Liquid, and Xtreme Gaming having also secured their spots in the playoffs.

Gaimin Gladiator will be facing G2xiG as its first challenger in the Lower Bracket Round 1, making it risky as a loss can result in instant elimination. They will undoubtedly be at their best game and look towards to beating the Chinese powerhouse.

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