11, Apr 2024
Team Spirit Manager Criticizes ESL One Birmingham 2024 Visa Requirements and Slot Revocation

The Dota 2 community was recently stirred by comments from Dmitry “Korb3n” Belov, Manager of Team Spirit, regarding the visa submission deadlines and slot revocation enforced by ESL for the upcoming ESL One Birmingham 2024. 

In a candid statement on his Telegram channel, Korb3n criticized ESL for what he deemed as excessively strict visa submission requirements, arguing that the deadlines set by the organizers were impractical given the complexities of obtaining UK visas.

Additionally, Korb3n expressed disappointment over ESL’s decision to revoke the tournament slot from 1win just days before the event, questioning the fairness of such a last-minute change and its impact.

Team Spirit Manager Speaks Out Against ESL One Birmingham 2024 Organizers Over Visa Issues and Slot Revocation

Korb3n has expressed dissatisfaction with the stringent visa submission dates imposed by ESL. He argued that the deadlines, set for expiration 13 days before the tournament, were unrealistic and unfair given the complexities of obtaining UK visas, which often involve lengthy bureaucratic processes and potential delays.

According to him, these challenges should have been considered by ESL when scheduling the deadline for visa submission.

The slot taken away from 1win was ultimately given to OG after the former missed the visa submission deadline. This decision by ESL has not been taken kindly by the Dota 2 community and the organizer is receiving backlash for this.

Korb3n also criticized ESL’s decision to revoke the tournament slot from 1win thirteen days before the tournament, emphasizing that 1win’s qualification for the LAN spot was rightfully earned through the qualifiers and should not have been jeopardized in this manner.

He in turn suggested that ESL should have identified a replacement team while providing more time to 1win to submit the necessary documents. This way ESL could have made a decision even five days before ESL One Birmingham 2024 without any compromise.

Korb3n further pointed out how this last-minute slot revocation has an organizational impact on teams preparing for various Dota 2 tournaments.

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It is important to note that the slot initially awarded to 1win was ultimately filled by OG after they confirmed their ability to attend ESL One Birmingham 2024.

However, 1win posted an official notice after ESL made its announcement and claimed that 1win did not have any Visa or passport issues. It stated that it was ready to fly to the UK for ESL One Birmingham 2024. 1win cited that its Visa issuance was delayed due to a holiday. 

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