11, Apr 2024
All Dota 2 Teams Qualified for the Elite League Playoffs

Almost two weeks since the inaugural Elite League, the final phase of the tournament is ready to kick off. Twenty-four ambitious teams set out to win the first-ever Elite League and after going through rigorous group stages, only eight teams remain to play in the playoffs. 

The playoffs are set to kick off on 12th April and the Dota 2 community will bear witness to the champions of the first-ever Elite League. Amongst the eight worthy contenders, Team Falcons are currently the most promising team of the tournament and were also the first team to qualify for the playoffs, the question begs – will Team Falcons achieve its hat-trick tournament win? Or will some other team snatch the title away?

The winner of the tournament will talk away with the lion’s share of the $960K USD prize pool and etch its name into the annals of Dota 2 history.

Elite League Playoffs: The Final Eight Teams

Following the conclusion of Elite League’s Round-Robin stage that saw the exit of Dota 2 powerhouse Team Spirit, BetBoom Team, and OG. The final eight have proved they’re a worthy contender to claim the title of the first-ever Elite League. 

Interestingly, six of the eight teams that qualified for the playoffs joined the tournament in the Round-Robin stage, while the remaining two received direct invites to the Swiss stage. 

Teams That Qualified to Playoffs

  • Team Falcons

  • Team Liquid

  • Xtreme Gaming

  • Azure Ray

  • G2 x iG

  • Tundra Esports

  • Gaimin Gladiators 

  • PSG Quest

The first team to qualify for the playoffs was none other than the promising Team Falcons, this new team based out of MENA has been taking the recent Dota 2 pro scene by storm and has already secured two major tournament wins in 2024. The question remains if Elite League will be its third.

Following closely behind was Team Liquid which has seemingly been cursed to come second at every tournament. Not to be taken lightly, the Chinese powerhouse teams, Xtreme Gaming, Azure Ray, and G2 x iG also managed to secure their spots in the playoffs. 

Notably, Azure Ray emerged victorious against PSG Quest and G2 x iG in the tiebreakers and secured a safer passageway through the upper bracket while PSG Quest and G2 x iG will go through the much riskier lower bracket.

Tundra and Gaimin found their way to the lower bracket after a rocky Round-Robin stage. 

The first day will bear witness to four series being played, the second day will have three series played and the final day will have the match for third place and the grand finals. Readers can tune in to the links provided below:

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