10, Apr 2024
Quinn Displays Great Sportsmanship Against Tundra Esports at Elite League

The position two player for Gaimin Gladiators, Quinn “Quinn” Callahan, who has often been ridiculed by the community before for raging in public and belittling people in pub games has now seemingly turned a new leaf following his promise to do so.

In a recent game against Tundra at Elite League, Quinn asked the admin to extend the pause and wait longer for Edgar “9Class” Naltakian in a show of good sportsmanship.

9Class disconnected for more than ten minutes, which is the allotted pause timer for each team and Quinn asked the admin if they could wait longer for the player to rejoin.

A gesture that did not go unnoticed as Dota 2 community members turned a spotlight on the matter and priased this show of quality sportsmanship by Quinn.

Quinn’s Show of Good Sportsmanship Moves Dota 2 Community

During the second game of Gaimin Gladiators vs Tundra Esports, 9Class from Tundra faced a sudden router issue and disconnected from the game following which both teams waited for more than ten minutes and Quinn inquired with the admin if it was okay to extend Tundra’s pause timer further.

However, the admin was quick to note that such a move was not possible and as an alternative, Gaimin Gladiators could use their pause time to wait for 9Class.

Considering the high stakes of the game, Quinn said it would be unfortunate if an event occurs when one of Gaimin’s players has to disconnect and neither team has any pauses left, but he still pleaded for some extra time towards Tundra’s pause timer.

Adamant about sticking to the tournament’s rules, the game admins stated the total amount of pause time could not be extended after 20 minutes. Eventually, after Tundra’s pause ran out, the admin announced that Gaimin’s pause timer had begun and if Gaimin did not wish to use their pause timer, they needed to unpause.

Left with no choice, Gaimin Gladiators unpaused the game and then got into a 4vs5 scenario against Tundra Esports. Capitalizing on the disadvantage Tundra was facing, Gamin started to aggressively push and shove Tundra back into its base.

After trying for five minutes to siege Tundra’s high ground, GG was eventually successful in beating Tundra Esports and ended the series with a draw as Tundra waived the white flag at the 24th-minute mark.

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