9, Apr 2024
Mira Highlights the Importance of Discipline Amid Team Spirit’s Drop in Form

Over the past few years, Team Spirit has been one of the best Dota 2 teams, but one characteristic of the team has been its tendency to start slowly and pick up speed as tournaments and seasons progress. Despite this, Elite League 2024 has started slower than usual, with the team only getting its first series win in the group stage after five series. In a post-match winner’s interview, Spirit’s support player Myroslav “Mira” Kolpakov addressed the team’s recent performance slump. As Mira mentioned, the team needs to stay disciplined and not falter early leads to get back on track. 

Mira shares his thoughts on Spirit’s performance in Elite League 2024

After Spirit defeated OG 2-0 in Elite League 2024, Mira elaborated on what has been going wrong for Spirit and what the team needs to do better to win again.

“Finally we won because our game – we had a lead and were playing with a fast tempo but we threw away our game and now finally we finished our games and managed to get some points. I mean it’s rough but it’s not that bad because we know we can play better. We just need a bit more discipline and the series versus OG showed that we can do it. We just need to fix our small things in teamplay and discipline to finish the game properly and not feed.”

Spirit had a rough start to the event as it lost to Heroic by a score of 2-0. After registering a 1-1 tie with Team Falcons, the team that has been the most competitive in the 2024 competitive season so far, in the next series, things seemed to have stabilized. However, it went downhill from there, first losing to Entity 2-0 and then to G2.iG 2-0.

During the next series versus OG, against whom Spirit has historically performed well, the team was able to make a strong comeback. Playing according to the drafting strategies in both games enabled the team to secure a 2-0 victory, crucial for keeping its hopes alive in the tournament.

As it stands, Spirit currently has three victories out of ten games. The next two series are against Azure Ray and PSG Quest, and the team will most likely need to win both series to have a reasonable chance of making the playoffs.

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