9, Apr 2024
Miposhka Reveals Reason Behind Team Spirit’s Poor Performance at Elite League

During a recent post-game interview at the Elite League, Team Spirit’s support and captain, Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naidenov revealed some reasons as to why Team Spirit has been underperforming in recent tournaments.

Miposhka said that the players had still not found their heroes for the current patch while the other teams had found their heroes and were playing with maximum effort.

In the ongoing Elite League, Team Spirit is currently at the bottom of its group with only a single win, one draw, and three losses, sitting on the verge of elimination from the tournament.

Team Spirit’s Miposhka Explains Why They Have Been Underperforming in Elite League

Two-time, TI-winning Dota 2 organization, Team Spirit has often been known to be one of the strongest teams in a Dota 2 tournament and is usually one of the favored teams to win the tournament. 

However, in recent tournaments, it has been unable to perform optimally and has disappointed its fans time and again with poor results. After winning the International 2023, Team Spirit went on a break and started playing competitively once again in January 2024. It displayed great form and qualified for many tournaments. 

However, the results of the team in the main tournament have been disappointing as it is seemingly struggling to win in the current patch against other teams.

During a post-game interview with the Russian analyst and commentator crew, Miposhka delved into the reasons behind the team’s poor performance. 

Simply put, the teams we’re facing are playing better. They are putting in maximum effort. They have found their heroes because the patch has remained unchanged for quite some time,” said Miposhka.

He further added that other teams have seemingly figured out how to play their heroes in the new patch but Team Spirit has still not adapted to the current patch which is causing the majority of the problem.

After providing the reason behind the team’s disappointing results, Miposhka went on to highlight the team’s resilient attitude.

He confirmed that they were never going to go down without a fight and have been actively working towards improvement. He further disclosed that Team Spirit members were in their own homes but they would be going to their bootcamp soon. 

Miposhka added, “Right now, we’re trying to find our heroes. We’ll try to perform well at this tournament and slowly prepare for ESL One Birmingham. It feels like a patch will be released before it, but we’re still working on something and laying down some groundwork. We play a lot and practice.”

On a similar note, Team Spirit’s Myroslav “Mira” Kolpakov had earlier expressed that Team Spirit needs to finish games in a disciplined manner and also fix small things in their current teamplay without feeding too much

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