4, Apr 2024
[Watch] 5 Heralds Go Against Quinn: Quantity vs Quality

Dota 2 content creator and analyst, Andrew “Jenkins” Jenkins, recently organized a match between Quinn “Quinn” Callahan from Gaimin Gladiators and five Herald Rank players.

The idea behind the video was basically to observe how a professional top Dota 2 player holds up against five of the lowest-ranked players in the game.

Notably, Jenkins had experimented with a similar setup last year with Jason “Newsham” Newsham from Fart Studios taking on five Herald Rank players. In that match, Newsham failed to emerge victorious and the other players won $500.

Curious to see if the results would be any different with one of the best Dota 2 players in the world, Jenkins invited Quinn, who is ranked third in the European Leaderboard to participate in this fun experiment.

Quinn Goes Against Five Heralds in a Dota 2 Match Organized by Jenkins

On 3rd April 2024, Dota 2 YouTuber and content creator Jenkins organized a match between five herald players and Quinn. The experiment aimed to see if quality can persevere again quantity or does quantity overwhelms quality. 

Quinn’s strategy going against the Heralds was to pick Bristleback. Which was an excellent choice to solo against the Heralds as this hero offers Damage, Tankability, Sustain with a Bloodstone, and Creepwave clear as well, everything that Quinn would require to solo the game.

The five heralds, on the other hand, drafted Puck, Vengeful Spirit, Snapfire, Clinkz, and Primal Beast.

They strategically placed three heroes in mid-lane against Quinn’s Bristleback and sent Clinkz and Primal Beast to farm on the side lanes. 

This, however, backfired hugely against the heralds as putting three heroes in mid against Quinn only meant that the three heroes in mid would be severely under-leveled and Quinn happily capitalized on this.

By the end of 10 minutes, Quinn had already racked up 13 kills and suffered a single death.

Furthermore, to fight against any split push the heralds tried to do, Quinn opted for an early Boots of Travel and ensured that he could be present on any lane that was likely to be pushed.

By the 18th minute mark, Quinn’s Bristleback had already farmed a Bloodstone, Sange and Kaya, Boots of Travel, and Assault Cuirass. The game soon got to a point where Quinn was almost one-shotting the herald heroes.

The game eventually cam to an end after 31 minutes as Quinn secured a rampage and ended the game with a score of 52-2.

Following the game, Quinn talked to Jenkins and said that he was confident he was going to win because Bristleback was “way too broken,” while the heralds said they were confident they were not going to win against Quinn.

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