4, Apr 2024
Dota 2 Prodigy Satanic Substitutes 23savage for Aurora at Elite League

The esports organization from Serbia based in Malaysia and operating a predominantly Southeast Asian Dota 2 roster, Aurora, is forced to make a change towards the tail end of Elite League’s ongoing Swiss Stage.

Earlier today on 4th April 2024, Aurora announced that Yellow Submarine carry and 16-year-old prodigy, Alan “Satanic” Galyamov (aka Butterfly) will be the stand-in carry for the organization while Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon flies back to Thailand.

In this public announcement made on X, Aurora joked that 23savage was heading back to Thailand because he left his Pokemon cards back home.

Aurora Announces Satanic as Stand-in for 23savage in Final Elite League Swiss Stage Match

This sudden change in Aurora’s Dota 2 roster amidst the ongoing Elite League has come as a complete surprise for fans and community members, considering that the team is currently at a pivotal stage in the tournament.

23Savage is catching a flight because he left his Pokemon cards back in Thailand. He will be rejoining us on the 6th (March)… if we make it out of the Swiss Stage. But it’s going to be fine (copium) because his replacement for the next match is King aka Satanic!,” read the official statement by Aurora.

Aurora is currently sitting with a 2-2 score following wins against Virtus.pro and KEV, and losses against Nigma Galaxy and HEROIC.

Now the team is all set to face Team Secret and the result of this match will decide wether it qualifies for the next stage or gets eliminated from the tournament.

Right before this high stake encounter, Aurora has undergone a roster shuffle with Satanic replacing 23savage who has returned to Thailand and might join the team on 6th March, if they qualify for the next stage of Elite League.

On the positive side of things, despite being only 16 years old, Satanic is not your average kid. He is currently ranked fourth in the Dota 2 European Leaderboards and at one point in time, he had even secured the top rank.

The European Dota 2 server is accepted as the most competitive in the world, which only gives more credibility to Satanic’s achievement as a highly skilled and competent Dota 2 player.

However, without any expertise in playing with a top-tier Dota 2 team, Satanic might suffer from inexperience while still getting a stage to showcase his individual prowess.

Although Satanic is a part of Yellow Submarine, he is not well known for his performance because the team plays mostly in the tier three Dota 2 scene, which is not actively watched and followed by most in the community.

However, playing as a stand-in for Aurora might finally be the big stage for Satanic to display his flair and skill as a Dota 2 player.

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