22, Mar 2024
1win Series Dota 2 Spring: Tournament Digest

1win Series Dota 2 Spring tournament recently took place online from 16th to 19th March 2024 featuring a total prize pool of $100,000 USD. Eight top teams from across Europe were invited to compete in this event, fighting hard across four days at the end of which Entity was crowned as the champions, winning their first Dota 2 tournament after more than two years.

The tournament was full of surprises and unexpected turn of events, with Team Spirit and Team Liquid, fighting hard for the third spot while Entity and Virtus.pro took on each other in the grand finals. 

Here is a recap of all the action that went down during 1win Series Dota 2 Spring. 

1win Series Dota 2 Spring: Tournament Recap


The first day of the tournament started with a major upset as the TI winning team, Spirit fell to the newly formed MOUZ in a best-of-one series.

In a shocking turn of events at the start of the tournament, Myroslav “Mira” Kolpakov found his Steam account banned before their match against MOUZ and had to play with manager Dmitry “Korb3n” Belov’s account.

Following this Entity was able to beat 1win and move on to the next phase.


Team Liquid had a game-changing comeback with a clutch Rapier purchase that turned the game around and won against PSG Quest, securing its passageway to the next phase while Virtus.pro was also able to establish dominance over L1ga Team, moving on to the next phase as well.

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On the second day of the tournament, PSG Quest and 1win bid farewell to the tournament after losing against L1ga Team and Team Spirit respectively.

Later in the day, Liquid and Virtus.pro the winners of the opening day matches faced off in a decider match and were met with surprise as Virtus.pro took down Team Liquid after an intense hour-long game.

On the other side, Entity and MOUZ as the winners of the opening matches went head-to-head but MOUZ found itself outdrafted and trampled over following the dominant performance displayed by Entity.

This was followed by a rematch between Team Spirit and MOUZ but this time Spirit took the upper hand and beat MOUZ with a clean 2-0 score, eliminating them from the tournament.


The third day marked the beginning of the playoffs and only four teams found themselves remaining in the hunt.

Virtus.pro and Team Spirit were set to face off while Entity was matched against Team Liquid. Team Spirit and Team Liquid were the tournament favorites, given the history of performances these two teams had. 

However, Virtus.pro and Entity both displayed a show of valiance and potential as they showed the world they were no less by defeating the favorites with respective clean sweeps. 


The final day began with Team Spirit and Liquid fighting for the third place. Team Liquid was able to beat Team Spirit in a 2-1 series and took home the third-place medal while Spirit left with a fourth-place finish.

Finally, after a shocking end to day four all eyes were now set on the two teams, Virtus.pro and Entity as they vied for the championship. Both teams without any tournament wins since 2022 put everything on the line for this title, Viruts.pro taking the first game with a counter-pick Gyrocopter carry against Entity’s Meepo and Brewmaster.

Consequently, Entity changed its strategies and played for pickoffs which enabled the team to skyrocket in networth and beat Virtus.pro with a sheer gold advantage.

Now, with a blueprint on how to tackle Virtus.pro, Entity pressured Virtus.pro’s carry Sven in the third game and killed him whenever possible while gathering enough resources to end the game with a monstrous gold advantage.

The final game of the tournament ended rather quickly as Virtus.pro strangely opted for an Omniknight carry which could not fight against Entity’s strong lineup and eventually gave in, crowning Entity as the champions for the first time since March 2022.

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