19, Mar 2024
Valorant Powerhouse Leviatán Enters Dota 2 Scene With International Roster

Leviatán, an esports organization from Argentina, which has predominantly built a name for itself in Valorant has expanded its esports horizon by officially entering competitive Dota 2 with an international lineup. 

The announcement was made on 18th March, Monday, following a teaser that Leviatán had dropped a day prior. The roster features Dota 2 players from different countries who would be playing in the South American region.

With this, Leviatán now officially has a roster in Valorant, League of Legends, Counter-strike 2, and Dota 2.

Leviatán Enters Competitive Dota 2

On 17th March, Leviatán had shared a short video clip that teased its fans for what was next to come. In the short video clip, a man could be seen sitting in front of his PC and opening Dota 2. The video was aptly titled, “18/03/2024,” suggesting that the announcement regarding what this mysterious video wanted to imply would be made on 18th March 2024. 

The next day, Leviatán unveiled its Dota 2 roster for the first time which coincided with the dates of DreamLeague Season 22 Open Qualifiers #2.

This lineup features some notable players from different countries:

  • Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson (United States) – Position 1

  • TBD | Position 2

  • Damien “kpii” Chok (Australia) – Position 3

  • Tommy “Taiga” Le (Norway) – Position 4

  • Steven “StingeR” Vargas (Peru) – Position 5

Sammyboy is a known player in the North American region, he previously played for Wildcard Gaming and was one of the rather strong carry players in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 North American Dota 2 scene. 

kpii is a seasoned veteran of Dota 2, having played in some big teams such as Newbee, Mineski, and Blacklist International. He brings a wealth of experience to the team and strategies that could bring this team together as a solid unit. Notably, he came close to becoming a TI champion at The International 2017 but was denied the title by Team Liquid.

Coming out of retirement to join the roster is Taiga, a known name in the Dota 2 scene. Once a part of iconic teams such as OG, Alliance, and Team Liquid, he is one of the top-tier supports a team could get. 

Lastly, the Peruvian who made headlines for receiving a ban during a game against Thunder Awake at the DreamLeague Season 22 SA qualifiers, StingeR, will be the position five support of this new roster.

However, don’t let this incident fool you, StingeR is a seasoned Dota 2 veteran and has participated in multiple TIs, giving him a boost in experience against top-tier Dota 2 teams.

As you might have noticed, the roster currently lacks a mid laner but it did not stop Leviatán from participating in the ongoing DreamLeague Season 23 Open Qualifiers.

At the DreamLeague Season 23 Open Qualifiers, Leviatán played with Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Salazar as its stand-in, mid-laner but was unable to achieve success and dropped out of the qualifiers after losing against estar_backs.

However, all is not lost for this new team as the open qualifiers for PGL Wallachia Season 1 are set to kick off on 21st March, Thursday and Leviatán has most likely set its sights on this upcoming qualifiers. 

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