19, Mar 2024
Ceb Thinks Current Dota 2 Gameplay is Repetitive and Lacks Creativity

Dota 2 veteran and two-time TI champion, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs, recently shared his opinion on the current Dota 2 game style, calling it void of any creativity while being repetitive at the same time.

Ceb shed light on the way Dota 2 is being played these days, during the fifth episode of the podcast titled ‘All Chat’ hosted by Austin “Cap” Walsh, a popular Dota 2 caster from the United States.

He emphasized that Dota 2 players are not playing the game creatively, following the same build and pattern in every game, regardless of the different situations they are presented with.

Ceb Criticizes How Dota 2 is Currently Being Played

During the latest episode of ‘All Chat’ released on 15th March 2024, OG’s Ceb delved into the problems with the way Dota 2 is currently played, “I really miss creativity in Dota. I think there’s still an element of it, a big part, but uh, not as much as it used to be.”

However, despite the criticism, Ceb was optimistic about the map changes brought along which introduced the Twin Gates, The Tormentors, new runes, and economic changes to the game. These new factors in Ceb’s opinion broadened the horizon of how Dota 2 could be played and paved the way for more creative solutions.

Highlighting a lack of creativity, Ceb emphasized, “Back then, like at the beginning, you had to think so hard about all the options that they [opponents] could do. They could be switching lanes, they could be tri-laning, they could be dual-laning mid, they could be like, there was so much, and now it’s like everybody does the same stuff before the rune, after the runes, the same check, the same items.

Ceb also criticized the repetitive item builds Dota 2 players follow in each game instead of building what the game situation requires, “I used to flame players that would go for the same item build every game, you know? I’m like, there’s something wrong. It means the guy is just not thinking about the game right? He’s not thinking about what heroes he’s facing and what heroes he has on his team.”

After the sharp criticism, Ceb further mentioned that despite believing in the game’s uniqueness, he has now changed his mind and now believes that the current state of Dota 2 begs for a meta build that works nine times out of ten times.

Lastly, Ceb also took this chance to comment on the new map of Dota 2 that introduced new features and brought economic balance to the game, “I think it [New Map] made it [Dota 2] better because the game had already reached that state, in my opinion, of ‘efficiency versus being creative and going for plays.’ So, if anything, I think it [New Map] extended the options, like Gates and all these things. Like, I actually liked it a lot, even though usually I’m resistant to change because I’m a boomer and I’m French.

The entire Dota 2 community is impatiently waiting for a new patch to arrive with speculation running rife that it might just be around the corner.

A major theory among members is that 21st March is celebrated as World Puppetry Day and the next hero coming to the game is a puppeteer called The Ringmaster, who could possibly be released on the same along with the much awaited Crownfall Update.

Maybe this patch is what Dota 2 needs to regain that dose of creativity that Ceb thinks has gone missing!

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