15, Mar 2024
Data Miners Reveal New Details About the Upcoming Dota 2 Crownfall Update

Ever since Valve announced that a major update for Dota 2 was due for release, the community has been brimming with excitement, anticipation, and curiosity. While Valve is known to be secretive about the details of any impending updates, Data miners have often uncovered some hints of the next update in the deep lines of Dota 2 source code. Russian Data mining group has uncovered some peculiar details related to the upcoming Crownfall update. Telegram group “‘ commented that such changes were last made in 2022 before the second half of the battle pass was released.

Data Miners Discover Changes Hinting at Release of New Personas, Heroes, & Immortals

On 15th March, Data mining group “” stumbled upon some changes made to the Steam DB (Database) related to Dota 2. Such a detail would not mean much for an average Dota 2 player but the Telegram group “Dota Степана” explained that this was a rare occurrence and the last time such a change took place was before the release of the second half of TI 11’s Battlpass. 

The codes discovered by the Data miners hinted at the release of new personas for heroes along with new arcanas and some immortal items. Although not much is known about the personas and immortal items, the same cannot be said for the possible new arcana releases. 

A few months ago, Data miners discovered lines of code that The new codes hinting towards the Arcana release could be possible that it is for the two heroes. While many speculated the release of these two arcanas to be on Valentine’s Day to add a special flare behind the lore of these two heroes, it was met with disappointment. 

The last update for Dota 2 dropped the first ever Ancient cosmetic which was initially available only for the lunar new year and anticipation is building up for what’s to come with the next major update, Crownfall. Readers should note that the lines of code uncovered by Data miners do not guarantee the update and should be treated as a possibility rather than an assurance. 

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