15, Mar 2024
Ceb Says He Draws Motivation From Team Spirit & Respects the Squad

Two-time TI (The International) winner and OG support player and captain Sébastien “Ceb” Debs recently sat down in an interview with Russian Dota 2 news outlet . While conversing about various topics, the OG captain had some stand-out thoughts on Team Spirit. Aside from OG, Team Spirit became the second Dota 2 organization to enter the two-time TI winner club after bagging The International 2023. Ceb remarked that he drew inspiration from Team Spirit but was also not shy to criticize the team.

Ceb’s Critical Remarks On Team Spirit

On 14th March, OG’s team captain Ceb sat down for an interview with Escorenews and had a great deal to talk about. However, one peculiar moment during the interview was when Ceb talked about Team Spirit. As a two-time TI winner, Ceb is one of the most achieved Dota 2 players in the history of Dota 2 but revealing his respect and source of motivation towards Team Spirit was a rare sight.

He said, “Spirit is one of the best teams of all time and I respect them endlessly. I’m a huge fan. I get motivated every time I watch them. It’s very inspiring to see players that have been good for such a long time.”

Despite praising the team, Ceb was very critical about Team Spirit’s second TI win and said that it was not the same feat that OG had conquered in 2018 and 2019. 

While talking about Team Spirit’s second TI win and on the question of whether Team Spirit was following OG’s footsteps, Ceb critically remarked, “I guess, yeah, a little bit. But then I realized that Team Spirit didn’t win with the same roster. So for me, it’s not the same. Winning with the same players or after substitutions is heaven and earth.

He further added that keeping that in mind no other team has won TI twice except OG which won with the same roster in 2018 and 2019. Additionally, he commented, “Some players have won twice, but not with the same squad. Spirit changed a player and it took them about two years to build a team that is ready to win again. One squad that has won two Internationals in a row is different.”

However, Ceb also acknowledged Team Spriti’s wins at the Riyadh Masters and accredited the team for being one of the best teams.

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