14, Mar 2024
Chalice & Somnus Reflect on Arteezy’s Laning Skills and Dark Circles

Yang “Chalice” Shenyi and Lu “Somnus” Yao, two players who last played for Azure Ray, were recently watching the DreamLeague Season 22 series between Xtreme Gaming and Shopify Rebellion. During the watch party, Chalice and Somnus candidly talked about Artour “Arteezy” Babaev’s impressive laning style and noticed the evident, giant dark circles around his eyes. These clips were shared by the Dota 2 YouTube channel “,” a channel that shares clips from the Chinese Dota 2 region along with transcription and translation.

Chalice and Somnus talk about Arteezy’s Aggressive Laning Style

While watching a game of Shopify Rebellion versus Xtreme Gaming, former Azure Ray players Chalice, and Somnus were quick to notice the aggressive playstyle of Arteezy. Noting how Arteezy did not contest for last hits on lane creeps but instead inflicted damage on the enemy offlaner and support at every chance he got. This playstyle according to Chalice would make you curse, “Are you brain-dead? Not farming?” and he revealed he discovered Arteezy’s annoying laning playstyle while playing against him. Somnus explained, “It’s just that if you’re in my face, I’ll hit you. It’s that simple.

Due to Arteezy’s aggressive playstyle Chalice and Somnus both noted how Xtreme Gaming’s offlaner could not lane against him and lost the lane eventually. By prioritizing inflicting damage on enemy heroes rather than focusing on farming in the early stages of the game, Arteezy made sure to dominate his lane and ensure the enemy offlaner doesn’t get to farm and his first power spike of the game gets delayed. 

However, Chalice noted that despite dominating the lane for most of the time and securing the top net-worth of the game in most scenarios, Arteezy tends to throw away the lead in mid-game and start feeding the enemy team.

The conversation then shifted to Arteezy’s recent look, as they noticed his huge dark circles. Chalice casually joked and remarked at Arteezy’s recent photo, “Arteezy used to be very handsome but now he has the vibe of a street punk.

Chalice further added, “Every day he has this haggard look, a worn-out look.” Former Vici Gaming player, Zhou “Yang” Haiyang who joined Chalice and Somnus on stream added, “Really too abnormal, so exaggerated. This isn’t the first time for this photo,” while talking about Arteezy’s dark patches.

Yang then shared that he had personally seen Arteezy with dark eye patches over the years many times and jokingly added, “His eyes always had just dark circles, Just like a panda.

The trio then joked that he looked better after winning the game and maybe if Arteezy won more games, he would start looking normal.

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