10, Mar 2024
BetBoom Team Becomes The First Time to Qualify For Riyadh Masters 2024

BetBoom Team has become the first team to qualify for the much-anticipated Riyadh Masters 2024. This achievement follows closely on the heels of their remarkable top-three finish at the ongoing DreamLeague Season 22, catapulting them to the top of the ESL Pro Tour (EPT) Leaderboards.

BetBoom Team is Set To Compete at The Esports World Cup

The EPT Leaderboard measures the consistency teams competing at top tournaments organized by ESL and DreamLeague. It’s here that BetBoom Team’s consistency and prowess shone through, amassing a formidable 7,330 EPT points, securing their lead, and by extension, their ticket to the Riyadh Masters. As the competition heats up, BetBoom is poised to clash with Xtreme Gaming in a decisive battle for the top two spots at the DreamLeague Season 22 Lower Bracket Finals. Xtreme Gaming, not far behind, is also a force to be reckoned with, boasting 6,690 EPT points.

The Riyadh Masters isn’t just another tournament; it’s set to be a cornerstone event in the Dota 2 calendar, thanks to its inclusion in the Esports World Cup. With twenty teams slated to compete, six of which will qualify through the EPT Leaderboards, the stakes couldn’t be higher. The announcement of BetBoom Team’s qualification was made official through a tweet from the Esports World Cup’s official account, heralding their achievement and setting the stage for an electrifying competition.

While the exact details of the Riyadh Masters 2024 remain shrouded in mystery, with no word yet on the starting date, prize pool, or schedule, what’s clear is the tournament’s timing. Set for July, with open qualifiers on May 29th and 30th and closed qualifiers from May 31st to June 4th, the road to the Riyadh Masters is paved with opportunity.

As DreamLeague Season 22 draws to a close today, with a whopping $300,000 and 4,200 EPT points for the winner, the race for the remaining slots in the Riyadh Masters heats up. With two more ESL tournaments on the horizon, the battle for EPT points and a chance at glory is far from over.

BetBoom Team’s qualification is not just a testament to their skill and dedication but also a beacon for all aspiring teams. The journey to the Riyadh Masters is fraught with challenges, but for those willing to brave the storm, the rewards are unparalleled. As we edge closer to the tournament, all eyes are on BetBoom Team, who have already proven they’re not just participants but formidable contenders for the title.

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