9, Mar 2024
Dota 2’s The International 2024 Is Headed To Copenhagen

On 9th March, Valve officially announced the return of The International 2024, the 13th edition of the highly competitive Dota 2 tournament. The event is set to be held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark this year. The details about The International 2024 are still obscure and may be revealed later this year.

Valve also reverted to the original invite-only system for the tournament but details about how the invites will be issued and the qualifiers remain scant in a post-DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) era.

Dota 2’s Coveted The International Returns 

The Aegis of the Champions is probably the most sought-after trophy in the history of Dota 2. With hundreds of teams trying to claim the Aegis each year, only a few have prevailed so far. The time to try and claim the Aegis has come once again as Valve announced that this year’s edition of The International, which will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The event is set to take place at the Royal Arena, Copenhagen, and will kick off sometime in September. Although Valve has not given details about the exact dates and schedule for the event, it can be expected to be released later this year.

Valve also discussed that it would be reverting to its original invite-only system for the majority of the teams, but details about how the invites will be issued remain fogged in mystery. The invites may be issued on the team’s performance throughout the various third-party tournaments held throughout the year or through the EPT leaderboards.

Similar to other tournaments, open qualifiers and closed Qualifiers will also be held for those teams who didn’t receive an invite and for those who want a shot at the coveted Aegis.

This year’s edition of The International’s theme is around the green color. Considering that previous years of The International themes were all influenced by the runes, the green theme could be linked to the regeneration rune.

The 13th edition of the The International will be a new one in its own right. With the conclusion of DPC, Valve’s decision to go back to its old system. Maybe things will go back to the glorious years of the Internationals in 2011-2015 era. Stay tuned for more updates on The International 2024.

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