9, Mar 2024
Cr1t- Says It Would Have Been Better To Lose vs Shopify Rebellion for EPT Points

The group stages of the DreamLeague Season 22 have officially concluded. Team Falcons finished the group stage with an outstanding performance and was the first ones to secure its spot in the playoffs of the tournament. Interestingly, in a post-game interview with Neal “Tsunami” Khandheria and Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann, Team Falcons’ Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen revealed an interesting flaw about the series between Team Falcons and Shopify Rebellion, and a problem with the EPT Leaderboard format.

Team Falcons discovered a flaw in the format that would boost its EPT standings had it lost to Shopify Rebellion on the last day of the DreamLeague Season 22 group stage. However, Team Falcons maintained its competitive integrity and played the series to win without throwing the game intentionally.

Team Falcons Maintains Its Competitive Integrity Despite Discovering a Loophole

On 7th March, the already qualified Team Falcons played against Shopify Rebellion at the DreamLeague Season 22 Group Stage 2. The series between the two teams was ‘pointless’ as Shopify Rebellion was already knocked out of the tournament and Team Falcons had already moved on to the playoffs of the tournament, which meant the results of this series made no impact. 

However, Team Falcon’s Cr1t- pointed out that if Team Falcons had intentionally lost to Shopify Rebellion, Shopify Rebellion would have surpassed Xtreme Gaming in terms of EPT standings which would have propelled Team Falcons to the fourth standing in the table.

It was actually better for us to lose this series in terms of getting top four in the EPT which is a little bit weird. Because if we lost this series, Xtreme Gaming would have gone below Shopify Rebellion and that would have just meant that we would have gone top four. So, I think there’s a little bit of a problem with the system because it would have been better for us to lose basically. So I’m happy we kept our competitive integrity, yeah but a little bit of fault in the format,” explained Cr1t-.

Currently, Team Falons sits on the 6th standing with 1,680 points on the while Xtreme Gaming sits at a comfortable 3rd position with 3,360 points.

Team Falcons has secured a top-three finish at the DreamLeague Season 22 while Xtreme Gaming has secured a top-four finish. This would mean that even if Xtreme Gaming were to lose its series against Team Spirit and get knocked out, it would be guaranteed 2,240 EPT points and boost its points to 5,600 points while Team Falcons have a guaranteed EPT points of 2,800 boosting its EPT points to a minimum of 4,480 EPT points.

Team Falcons’ competitive integrity must be applauded as it strives to be the best Dota 2 team in the world through a righteous path.

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