8, Mar 2024
Bromance Sundered? Ame Seemingly Tired Of Questions About Yatoro

The Dota 2 world has been swirling with the buzz of a new Hollywood-worthy bromance—starring none other than Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk and Wang “Ame” Chunyu. The duo’s mutual fan club has been the stuff of legends, with Yatoro and Ame swapping compliments like they’re collectible Dota 2 skins. Yatoro’s practically been writing love letters to Ame’s gameplay in public, while Ame’s respect for Yatoro is also well publicized.

But wait, the plot thickens! Cut to the DreamLeague Season 22 group stage 2, where hosts Neal “Tsunami” Khandheria, Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann, and content creator Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski decide it’s a good idea to put Ame in the hot seat with a rapid-fire quiz show—except all the questions are about Yatoro. Imagine Ame’s face, a perfect blend of “I’m too old for this” and “let them end,” trying to muster up the enthusiasm to discuss his so-called Dota 2 soulmate.

Ame Tackling Yatoro Based Questions

Ame and Yatoro’s bromance took the Dota 2 community by storm. Both players, two of the best carry players in the world, have been appreciating each other’s skills, and Yatoro’s way of idolizing Ame also touched the community. However, of late, it seems like the two players are posed with frequent questions about the other, uncomfortably way too frequently. 

In this interview during DreamLeague Season 22 Ame’s responses were less “I adore talking about my bro” and more “please, can we not?” When pressed for juicy details on what Dota wisdom he’s gleaned from Yatoro, Ame replied unenthusiastically with just one-word or one-sentence answers. When KheZu asked Ame what’s the one thing he tried to learn from watching Yatoro’s gameplay. Ame vaguely replied, “Specific hero playstyles.”

KheZu, in a desperate bid for more, got nothing but a “All of it,” an answer so broad you could have two Pangoliers rolling through it.

Following this, Gorgc reminisced about a pub game where Yatoro played Ame’s support, and asked if Ame would support Yatoro next time. Ame, channeling his inner poker champion, managed to keep a straight face while diplomatically putting the game’s loss on everything but Yatoro

In an earlier interview with , Ame revealed that there was no special relation of any kind between him and Yatoro and that they only had a strictly professional relationship. Ame further added that Yatoro and himself were not friends and would chat over Steam messages sometimes and that was it. 

Though Ame’s poker face might suggest he’s over the Yatoro saga, we can’t help but yearn for more episodes of this bromantic drama. Remember, Ame’s brief responses could just be him playing hard to get, lost in translation, or perhaps, just maybe, he’s saving the juicy details for his memoirs.

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