6, Mar 2024
Timado Reflects on the Significance of Trust Within OG

As OG’s stand-in carry player for DreamLeague Season 22, Enzo “Timado” Gianoli has been performing well and the two have gelled quickly. During a post-match winner’s interview, Timado talked about the learnings he has gained in the short period while also talking about his contributions to the squad. Before joining OG, Timado carried a lot of responsibility which was sometimes unnecessarily burdensome, but the team environment and quality of the players have helped him trust the team more. Meanwhile, he has instilled a lot of positivity in the team during times of pressure.

Timado talks about learnings at OG

OG has taught Timado to trust his teammates more as he used to feel like he needed to carry the team single-handedly in previous teams, particularly when playing for the ones in tier 1.5/2.

“I think something I learned in this team is trust. I guess when you are kind of playing tier 2 Dota, tier 2/tier 1.5, trying to be the best, let’s say sometimes you don’t play with the best people so you kind of get into this mindset where I am egoisto, I am going to 1v9 every game. If it is not me, it is no one else. This is how I was trained for many years. So, I did not fully trust my teammates. I realized this was a fault in my approach to Dota. I didn’t really trust them in the game. I always felt like I have to do it myself.

“But with these guys, I have learned how to trust them. It sounds kind of silly but I have been kind of taking my hands off and sometimes it happens that I get killed randomly but I just trust him, even if he goes wrong,” Timado added.

Because of the trust factor and how good these players are, he blindly trusts and goes for whatever is the call in-game. Consequently, Timado described being able to focus on his game because he is relieved of much of the responsibility.

Furthermore, the carry player talked about the things he has been able to contribute to the squad since joining. As he described, the players on OG have been together for a while so facing similar high-pressure situations in games can occasionally make them uneasy. So, he is able to instill positivity and a “will to win” during such times.

“This team is super good. Everyone here is insanely good at the game and they have an amazing attitude. I feel like what I am contributing the most is sometimes a bit of will to win. These guys have been playing for a while and when you play for a while, once the human brain understands that things can go wrong, maybe it can be at the back of your head that it can go wrong again. This happens a lot of time in the sense that they know themselves for example – they would throw leads so when we were in an advantage situation, they will get stressed out.

So, I can see things and I am just like – really good, we got this game let’s do it. Maybe I’ll take some control so I think it’s mostly just bringing a fresh perspective. Of course I do my usual carry role but the main thing would be to just have this strong will to win. To me, we are here to get the first place and every single step is to get the first place and in no moment in the game, I am like – oh, we lost, we are going to lose or like – why did you do this? I don’t get bad. I am like – we are going to win. It’s fine. I am getting items.”

Timado joined OG ahead of DreamLeague Season 22, and the team has fared well thus far. It is currently in the center of the standings in group stage 2 and still has series against Aurora, Gaimin Gladiators, and Team Spirit. Wins in all three should propel it to the playoffs, but two wins will also likely place it in a reasonable position.

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