4, Mar 2024
PGL Announces a Three-Year-Long Dota 2 Esports Marathon

On 4th March, PGL announced in a press release that it would be organizing a minimum of eight tournaments spanning three years as a sign to reaffirm its dedication to the Dota 2 esports scene and delivering a world-class experience. The eight planned tournaments so far will feature a prize pool of $1 Million USD and the first tournament of this plan is set to be hosted later in May. PGL said it also has  plans to expand its event lineup through current and upcoming partnerships.

PGL is one of Dota 2’s largest tournament organizers and has been credited with hosting some of Dota 2’s most watched Majors like The Kiev Major 2017 which had a peak viewership of 842,585 and PGL Arlington Major 2023 with a peak viewership of 707,907. PGL was also the organizer for the International 2023.

PGL to Host A Minimum of Eight Tournaments Starting This Year Till 2026

Tournament organizer PGL announced in a press release that it would be hosting at least eight major tournaments in the next  three years from 2024 to 2026. It announced a $1 Million prize pool for each of the tournaments and the first tournament to kick off this plan is slated to begin  on 15th May 2024.

The first and the second tournaments of this plan will be held in “State-of-the-art” PGL Studios in Bucharest, Romania this year. The first tournament is set to be called PGL Wallachia and will be held from 10th May to 19th May, where 16 teams will vie for the lion’s share of the $ 1 Million prize pool. The open qualifiers for this tournament will be held from 21st March to 24th March and the closed qualifiers will be held from 25th March to 28th March. The second tournament for 2024 will be held from 15th November to 24th November, and its  qualifiers running between 29th September and 6th October.

PGL further announced that it would be hosting three tournaments in 2025 and three more in 2026. It wrote, “This expansion is a testament to PGL’s unwavering dedication to nurturing the growth and ensuring the sustainability of the DOTA 2 esports scene. Fans and players, brace yourselves for more thrilling battles, strategic masterclasses, and unforgettable moments as PGL continues to shape the future of competitive DOTA 2.”

PGL’s Tournament Calendar For 2025 and 2026

PGL further wrote, “With this announcement, PGL is excited to turn a new page in the DOTA 2 esports saga. The commitment to a three-year series of tournaments showcases PGL’s unwavering support for the DOTA 2 community and its passion for delivering top-tier esports events.

To close this announcement, PGL stated that it was the sole independent tournament organizer in the scene without any Government funding and that its sole purpose remains to deliver world-class events. It further wrote, “We are dedicated to creating memorable experiences for players and fans, showcasing the most captivating competitions and esports spectacles. At PGL, our passion for gaming and community guides every decision, ensuring that each event we organize sets new standards of excellence in the esports world.

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