3, Mar 2024
Ceb Says Timado Brings a Lot of Energy That OG Was Missing

On day 2 of the DreamLeague Group Stage 2, Two-time TI winner and OG’s team captain, Sebastien “Ceb” Debs talked about OG’s current form ahead of the series against Team Falcons. Ceb had positive things to say about his team and he also made remarks on the newest addition to the OG team, Enzo “Timado” Gianoli. Ceb revealed that Timado was easier to play with due to the player’s communication. 

Ceb also took this opportunity to thank the OG fans who, according to him, are unlike the fans of other teams. He also acknowledged that the fans have been constantly showering OG with love and support despite facing losses.

Ceb’s Thoughts On OG, Timado, and Appreciation for OG Fans

We feel like the DreamLeague is going pretty well for us so far. I think obviously we were hoping to perform better and just have better results. When we’re on a good day in a good game, it’s kind of like we can beat any team. But the average is you know so so,” said Ceb during an interview at the DreamLeague Season 22 Group Stage 2.

However, he added that OG was not experienced enough as a team to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Ceb explained that sometimes OG doesn’t perform as expected and attributed this to the team trying too hard to win. With faith in his talented teammates Ceb said that if his team relaxes and plays the game with a cool head, the game would fall in OG’s favor.

Following the thoughts on OG, Ceb then shifted the focus to OG’s carry, Timado who joined OG following the disappointing performance from OG at the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai.

Ceb said, “You know we’re still adapting. He brings a lot of energy, he knows what he is doing, and that’s what we were kind of missing. It is easier to kinda build around him in the sense that he is the kind of player that requires certain things to happen and is very vocal about.”

As great of an addition Timado is to the team, Ceb pointed out that there are undoubtedly some pros and cons to Timado being a part of the team and he explained, “Of Course, there are pros and cons but the pro is it becomes much clearer how the game should play out. When you’re strong, when you’re weaker, what you play for.

Interestingly, Ceb showed a hint of confidence in his team and asserted that the team had the potential to perform much better and was looking forward to facing the stronger teams in the tournament.

He said, “I feel like there’s maybe like two teams we lost to in the entire group stage. Like that’s how it felt, that they just entirely outdrafted us, outsmarted us, or outplayed us. Rest of the games it really felt like we had it and we kind of lost it ourselves and this is what we’re working on. And hopefully, once that is behind us then it is going to be about challenging the big teams and break them.”

Lastly, Ceb took this opportunity to thank OG fans for their unwavering support and said “Big shout out to our OG fans out there, I see all the support and encouragement when we lose.” “don’t flame us, keep it up, help us. We use the help, it boosts us, it motivates us. Thanks for the support and hopefully we don’t disappoint you.”

OG’s run at DreamLeague Season 22 has seen a stark improvement from the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai. As a part of the eight teams that qualified for group stage 2, OG is now fighting to pave its way onto the playoffs in hopes of clinching the DreamLeague Season 22 winner title.

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