1, Mar 2024
Cr1t- Says He Has a ‘Mental Mute’ On Malr1ne

If you’re an avid Dota 2 fan, then you surely know about the toxic outbursts from the notorious Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf and Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak. These two players were individually standing out for their toxicity in games. The toxicity doubled when these two players joined hands and started playing for the same team Team Falcons. Team Falcons’ Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen recently delved into what it was like to play with this duo during an interview at the DreamLeague Season 22.

In the interview, he candidly confessed that Cr1t- was now used to the all-chatting and tipping from the duo and even confessed that he had mentally muted Malr1ne and would not see when Malr1ne was all chatting with someone in the game.

Cr1t Talks About Being Teammates with Malr1ne and ATF

On 27th February, Team Falcons’ Cr1t- sat down in a post-game interview with Dota 2 casters Gareth “Gareth” Bateson and Niklas “Wagamama” Högström following a tough series against Virtus.pro. During the series Malr1ne and ATF were seen actively tipping Virtus.pro players in the game and all chatting with the opponents. Noticing this, Gareth pointed out that while Malr1ne and ATF were immersed in all chatting and tipping, Cr1t- did not divulge into the same actions as the duo and asked how it was to play with them.

Cr1t- candidly replied, “I mean honestly. I don’t know if we have had some talks about it. I mean it’s all fun at this point I just don’t even see it when Malr1ne does anything. I have like a mental mute on him just it doesn’t show in my game that he’s typing something, you know? I saw the Ammar all-chat in the last game after the game was over which is, you know, it was all this.. this team is not like a it’s not like they’ll be mad at all chat, Malr1ne is good friends with them [Virtus.pro] and yeah just, good times.

Cr1t- ‘s insight on how it feels to play with such a duo has certainly shed light on the wear these two players might have had overtime on their teammates. During the interview, while replying to Gareth’s question, Cr1t- sighed, seemingly fed up. However, no matter how toxic the duo might get, no one can argue with the results they produce at the grand stages of Dota 2.

Recently, Team Falcons secured its first Tier 1 tournament win at the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai. Team Falcons has now made it to the second phase of the group stage of DreamLeague Season 22 and it remains to be seen whether or not Team Falcons can repeat its success.

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